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  1. The_Raw

    Albania Albanian Road Trip - November 2018

    Albania is one of those countries where I didn't really know what to expect. Recent history saw the collapse of communism in the 90s which caused the economy to crash. Since then It has made remarkable economic progress, growing from one of the poorest nations in Europe to a middle-income...
  2. Landie_Man

    Great Britain The Longbridge Tunnels, Birmingham - November 2018

    Visited back in November with Mookster after seeing the Typhoo Factory.  Another one ticked off the list which has been kicking about for years.  I really enjoyed this one; though quite bare and largely sealed, it had a lot of nice things to see down there.  The air was pretty bad though in...
  3. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Typhoo Tea Factory, Birmingham - November 2018

    In classic Harry style; this forms part of another explore backlog!  I visited here in November 2018 with Mookster.  It formed part of a little Midland Roadtrip we did that day.   We all know what to expect with this place; its pretty pillaged now, access was a doddle and it was full of other...
  4. The_Raw

    Albania Shëngjin Naval Base, Albania - November 2018

    The history of the Albanian Navy dates back to 1925, following the creation of the Albanian Republic. Albanian naval forces operate out of two main bases; Bishti-i-Palles in Durrës, and Pasha Liman in Vlorë, with four reserve bases respectively in Shëngjin, Porto Palermo, Saranda and a submarine...
  5. Tomvandutch

    France Chateau Alchimiste (November 2018)

    In a very small French village stands this impressive house. Totally free from vandalism and with a bit of natural decay. In the past, a professor used to live there, which explains all the utensils.
  6. teddybear

    Belgium Tante Emma - November 2018

    One I did on my own. Was in that neighbourhood on a non urbex occasion. Was travelling light with only the camera and my tripod. Parked the car some distance away and walked over there. Once inside it was surprisingly quit busy there (I thing 8 persons) in a closed shop). One of the persons was...
  7. Tomvandutch

    France Maison Scavenger, November 2018

    A nice and fully furnished Maison in a small village in France.
  8. teddybear

    France Mine des abris november 2018

      It's been a long time that I posted something here. Missing the time for the editing of the photo's. This  was my last explore and it was an underground adventure with the same partner of all the underground explores. It's was an iron mine that closed several decades ago like many others in...
  9. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain St Brigid's Asylum, November 2017

    Originally opened in 1833 as Connaght District Lunatic Asylum, later changing its name.  I found a very interesting write up on the below link, which is where I copied this - It was intended for the care of ‘curable lunatics’ and opened in a spirit of optimism with regard to its progressive...
  10. Lavino

    West vale mill Greetland November 2017

    Visited with @albino jay and @GK-WAX and thanks again to jay for doing the driving and I also stole your history mate because I couldn’t find any hope you don’t mind. We was passing by the mill on our way home so popped in for a look. And glad we did I like these old mills. And the demo team...
  11. Paradox

    Crank Caverns - Crank - November 2017

    Crank Caverns have been on my radar for a while, with its mythical history of child eating dwarves, oddly shaped body bags, cannibalism and a hidden chapel who wouldn't want to go and take a look?   With a history like that, we decided to brave the night and risk life and limb to go in search...
  12. Lavino

    Kings hall theatre southall London November 2017

    A very early start for this one. And thanks for my invite from the other 2 lads I went with @GK-WAX and @albinojay arrived here in the pitch black early hours. Luckily we didn’t have any trouble finding our way inside. We’re we found ourselves a room to wait for it to come light enough to have a...
  13. WildBoyz

    Rotherham Road House, Barnsley - November 2017

    History As far as history goes for this particular property, it is sparse as it is nothing more than a fairly modern residential building. One newspaper based in Barnsley reported that traffic came to a standstill as a result of a fire at the property on Rotherham Road. Two fire crews attended...
  14. TheVampiricSquid

    Holy Nurse Hospital, Belgium - November 2015

    After not exploring for what seemed like forever, it was time to get back out again.. and what better way to kick off with a euro! went away with loocyloo and a couple of non members, and had an absolute blast despite the loss of a memory card with half my pictures on:mad: :( What seemed like a...
  15. The_Raw

    Redcar Steel Blast Furnace, November 2015 (Part 1 of 36)

    I don't really understand how stuff like this works but I think it just gets really hot and then farts big turds of metal out of it's arse. I CAN tell you one thing though, it's fucking huge and it's fucking epic running around it with your mates in the middle of the night! Founded by Dorman...
  16. Timster1973

    The artist's villa - visited November 2014

    Evening all, Last place we visited in November's tour of Italy was this place. Not sure on the history but it was a dark, rainy morning and had to be accessed early doors due to the built up neighbourhood. Nothing else really to add but the photos. Still got some more to process but this is...
  17. jones-y-gog

    Krankenhaus Von Rollstuhlen, November 2014

    AKA House of Wheelchairs. The info on this seems a bit sketchy, one thing that's pretty much certain is that it is a former nursing home which has been abandoned since the 1990's. It was clearly a grand place in its prime and is in a very peaceful setting, on the site of a former monastery I...
  18. DugieUK

    Maison Kirsch, Luxembourg, November 2014

    Maison Kirsch, Luxembourg Visited with: PG UE and Scott Chadwick. Visit date: November 2014 Please Note: Entry is always through an open access point and not by forcing our way in….. We are explorers, not vandals. History No history available at this time, however, if I manage to find...
  19. Landie_Man

    RAF Daws Hill, November 2014

    Visited with TBM, PCWOX and SouthSideAssasian During WWII, in 1942, U.S. Air Forces first became stationed on the site and took over the Wycombe Abbey School for the War Efforts. The school was returned in 1945 at the end of the war, and 1952 saw the U.S. returning to the area and this time...
  20. Timster1973

    Madonna Delle Vigne - visited November 2014

    Evening all, A very small, but beautiful round chapel in the Italian countryside was visited as part of our trip in November. Beauty of a ceiling which is the main event as its a brief stop judging by the photos I've seen before of this. Visited with Dursty, John and Mike. 1. 2. 3...

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