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  1. Among The Unknown

    Among The Unknown | Horner Nursing Home Episode 26

    After the Brownsville General Hospital relocated to its new location in 1965, the former buildings were converted into the Golden Age Nursing Home. Due to the normally full capacity of the Brownsville General Hospital,  the hospital relocated. Shortly after its closing, The Horner Nursing...
  2. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Great Britain North Wales Nursing Home (Maes Mynan Hall), Wales - August 2018

    History Maes Mynan care home was a two floor 33 bedroom care home on a site of 2.6 acres. The care home was for the elderly and it had its own day service and its own respite service for a short stay and emergency placements. The site was bought in 2013 by the healthcare company and has been...
  3. mookster

    Nursing Home Hotel Sept 2015

    This is somewhat of a peculiar one! When this huge building was constructed in the middle of the 20th Century it began it's life as a hotel, in a great location by a beautiful river. As time went on and the fortunes of the city changed, the hotel business dried up due to declining clientele and...
  4. mookster

    St. Mary's Manor Nursing Home Sept 2015

    Finally moving away from the midwest I headed back east on the long slow train to my friends in upstate New York. Because of a certain police encounter my friend had a couple of months back he is currently unable to get up to any mischief in his home county so he introduced me to a couple of his...
  5. Andy

    The nursing home in the forest (visited 2008-2012)

    This nursing home (located in a forest and built on the foundations of an estate from the 18th century) was closed in 2001. 2013 burnt down a part of the attic. My first visit here was 2008. The photos are from 2011 (part one) and 2012 (part two). part one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8...
  6. Andy

    Hospital with nursing home (visited 2012)

    This former clinic with nursing home was demolished in 2013. First visit (07/2012) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  7. Andy

    Nursing Home (re-visit April 2014)

    The nursing home was closed in 2006. My first visit was in 2007, the second visit in 2008. Thereafter it fell into oblivion with me. Seven years later, I made a re-visit. The building was unrecognizable in some areas. Some things were vandalized, others sprayed with graffiti. But in many rooms...
  8. Gigi

    Summerlands Nursing Home Jan 2012 and June 2011

    Quite a sad place really. It was a nursing home, lots of stuff left behind, even polaroids of elderly ladies with bruises on their hands, very odd! I suspect they had to report injuries or accidents e.t.c I remember climbing through a side window through 6 plastic wobbly milk crates and a TV...
  9. Gigi

    Summerlands Nursing Home

    I have been here two times now, the first it had many items and furniture left behind and was quite hard to climb in! The second time, we tried the usual way and it was shut, so found another awkward way to climb in, then realised the front door was open.. just on the latch. haha Visit 1...
  10. klempner69

    Oxford Brooks University of Nursing (visited 2009)2013

    This was mental..was working next door and spoke to a caretaker who let me have a look round,but when the boss collared me,she was less than pleased,but I didnt care cos I got my pics...Its a surreal experience mooching round a hospital full of dummies! Well,that`s...
  11. R

    Summerlands Lodge Nursing Home - Westgate - Feb 2011

    This was my first visit to Summerlands. I didn't see all of it, It was just a quick walk around photographing things of interest. Summerlands Lodge is located in Westgate, near Margate. It was a BUPA care home which closed down in recent years (not sure exactly). Inside it is rotten and damp...
  12. H

    Disused nursing home /The site of murder 2011

    As I strolled through the large wooded gardens looking towards my goal of baggin a beautiful mansion little did I know this use to be a nursing home but some time after it closed it was a gangsters dumping ground for a body rolled up in a carpet!, sounds like an old film or a book you may...

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