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  1. skeleton key


  2. Ninja Kitten

    Great Britain Good old St Joes...2013

    Juat a few of what was a fab splore with Ben..A cracking day with some good locations and fun with walkie talkies.. as you do :) "UP ON THE ROOOOOF"
  3. H

    Old mill with a reet nice find april 2011

    Well myself and Mr Beady tried to hit the Brighouse swimming pool but too many peeps about and getting watched by the coach company reet next door didn't help :( Plan 'B'.....time to hit an old mill I've known about for years ! Most of this mill has now been converted but lucky some of the...
  4. H

    Old steam crane owned by the family Briggs 2011

    As I was passing this location (like I have many times over the many years) I kept seeing a crane boom but no one ever in the yard until today !, Reet I had to ask so pulled the car into the top of the yard a weathered looking bloke strong in stature came over to my car which by now I had got...
  5. H

    Old rail repair shop.

    A day out smootchin and what's this place i pass many times and never seen until today !!!!!, a repair shop for steam trains....... nice place but I can not give any history on this place or about trains (not my subject sorry), never the less they were very helpful so on with the pics...
  6. H

    Elland Old Gas Works Building...A near miss ! 2011

    Go in over a dual carriage way back home the other day I spotted this building and a must explore just ate away at me all that day, so off I tootled back the day after to have a shufti !, no cctv big smashed open window and grass growing out of the roof ! reet nice sized building with a come in...
  7. H

    Old building.... 2011

    Bugger me well nice building but I've no history or bad or WHAT !!! sorry peeps...
  8. Wevsky

    Great Britain Old kent college chapel 2nd november 2010

    Right this was a spur of the moment find as the place we where heading out to just wasnt do-able,its a chapel from a closed down and well demolished college ,i assume the chapel is still there because its listed!well i assume!the college is long gone and rebuilt on i cant find any info on the...
  9. silverainbow

    The Old Workhouse / Asylum, Eastry Kent - 2010

    Hi all this was my first explore on my second visit to this place, It kind of held a special sort of fascination for me as I spent many a happy weekend with my Grandmother who lived just up the road from here when I was a child and then much later on in my early teens racing motorcycles up and...
  10. vanishing days

    Old Barn And Farm House - Burham - Kent - 2008

    Explored with solar p in quite a bad state but made for some cool pictures the barn in to the house
  11. vanishing days

    Great Britain Old Bank Chatham, Kent - 28/05/08

    heres a report on this place from what i can understand it was a derpartment store like alders. ot closed and was used by the theatre supposidly. explored with solarpower if anyone noes anything about the history let me no! exterior interior
  12. superwide

    Old gate house near Hythe October 2008

    This was posted on BB but I forgot to copy it before it died, as its ghost has appeared from the past for some reason. Here it is again. Just had a little look around an Old gate house. I have driven past it loads of times, so I decided to have a little look. This is my first attempt at...