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  1. Hydro

    Roof Topping, Leeds - Various Locations/Visits

    Hello all, Leeds from above in various locations, styles and quality thanks to Facebook :thumb Enjoy!! Thanks for looking :thumb
  2. Hydro

    Opal 3 Roof, Leeds - Various Visits

    General Background; Ranking in as the third tallest building in Leeds at 25 floors tall or 269ft above Leeds city center. Situated above the Leeds First Direct Arena this building dominates the sky line. Completed in 2007 it now plays host to some 500 plus students studying at Leeds Uni...
  3. -Raz-

    Opal 3 Rooftop Leeds

    Will post a report at some point but for now ill just post a video :)
  4. Fatpanda

    Opal 3 rooftop Leeds - Mar 15

    After hearing that the roof of this place was accessible i couldn't wait to hit this one, a bit of a ball ache for access to the building but wait around for long enough and the opportunity will arise. At 269ft you cant help but fall in love with the live rooftops and seeing the tiny ant people...