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  1. Stevepg

    12/12/18 Pool Parc Asylum; main building chaple and aux buildings

    Pool Parc, near Ruthin, dates back to the 16th Century when it was home to the Salesbury family and the manor house was rebuilt for William Bagot, 2nd Baron Bagot, in the 1820s. It was apparently lost in a bet by the Bagot family and it was later sold to the District Health Authority, becoming...
  2. Dmc68

    Pool Parc Hospital/Asylum Wales.

    Been waiting all week to go here only to find it's all been boarded back . so just some from the outside.☹️
  3. Hydro

    Pool Parc Hospital, Ruthin, Wales - Aug 15

    Visited with Raz & Fatpanda Bit of History; Originally owned by Sir Walter Bagot, the current buildings were rebuilt in the late 1820′s. It was acquired by the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital and opened in 1937 to accommodate 80+ patients to relieve the overcrowding at the much...
  4. MiaroDigital

    Rusty car parc... - visit 09/2014

    1. Rusty car parc 01 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 2. Rusty car parc 02 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 3. Rusty car parc 03 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 4. Rusty car parc 04 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 5. Rusty car parc 05 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 6. Rusty car parc 06 by...
  5. cunningplan

    Pool Parc, Mid Wales, May 2014

    I had friends down from Kent for the weekend and we managed a 350+ mile round trip around north and mid Wales. We left the house at 2am and got back at 8.30pm. We had 7 places on our list but knew there would be some let downs so the rest were for back up. I will put up a report on the first...
  6. Landie_Man

    Pool Parc Hospital, Wales (VISITED OCT 2011) 2013

    2013: I believe bastards and thieves have driven this place further into the ground :mad: :mad: :mad: 2011: So kicking off a few urbexes with another epic Welsh adventure with the mrs. Set in the lovely valleys of North Wales, Pool Park is a lovely mooch. We spent a good few hours in here...
  7. mookster

    Du Parc, Belgium May '12

    Another one from my intense Belgian trip and probably the biggest surprise of the trip for me at least. It was once a large buzzing factory owned by Du Parc, a stockings and lingerie manufacturer but closed a good few years back. Scouting the place out it was pouring with rain and humid as hell...

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