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  1. obscureserenity

    France A night in the Paris Metro - October 2018

      A night in the Paris Metro     My first report for a while and I felt that my photos from each location wouldn't create a substantial enough report. Because of this I decided to compile them into a more lengthy post documenting the night in which we explored various sections of the Paris...
  2. JohnnyThunderdrone

    The catacombs of paris

    Return to the forbidden area of the catacombs of paris, this time accompanied to get as far as possible, I hope you enjoy it.
  3. JohnnyThunderdrone

    France Forbidden catacombs of Paris

  4. JohnnyThunderdrone

    I explore alone the forbidden catacombs of París

    Explored alone the forbidden catacombs of París, the most amazing experience that I have lived as an urban explorer, I will repeat soon:
  5. DirtyJigsaw

    France Paris Metro Saint Martin 2018

    All,  Heres a quick report from another Paris Ghost Station i have now visited. Its one of the larger ghost stations and one of the most well known. Ive not been activley posting much as of late due to other commitments but i am out there exploring and got another big trip lined up this year...
  6. Himeiji

    France Paris metro - new tunnel - January 2018

    In early 2018 we visited one of the new tunnels of Paris metro which for the moment (May 2018) is still under construction. Recently I was told that this place is no longer accessible due to active works that doesn't stop even at night, so I will publish some pictures. Btw, we managed to get in...
  7. G

    London, Paris & Berlin Track footage

    Various bits of cobbled together footage from exploring metro systems in London and overseas. (The end bit at Aldwych is an in-joke). There's stuff from New York and skyscrapers and stuff on the account, as well as a trip to North Korea. I rarely film, so not much on...
  8. Dmax

    A run around the Paris Catacombs

    A run around the Paris Catacombs with some friends :)
  9. Infraredd

    Grossainville - 2015

    If you look at this write up from the Daily Fail Goussainville: Inside the French ghost town abandoned 40 YEARS AGO | Daily Mail Online Goussainville looks like a good explore. Since the Tupolev Tu-144 fell out of the sky onto the village it has been slowly depopulating, or so the article...
  10. Gambit

    Paris Catacombes, March 2014

    My first, and to date, only explore underground is a trip to the Catacombs under Paris. For those that aren't aware, a little history... The rock beneath Paris is largely limestone, and since the 11th Century, mining of this limestone has taken place - to build the city. In many ways, Paris...
  11. Urbexground

    Urbexground from Paris

    Hi guys ! I decided to join the Oblivion community... I'm an explorer since almost 5 years now. I hope to have fun with you here and I'll try some of my work soon. See you !
  12. Merryprankster

    Paris Catacombs - April - 2015 - pic heavy

    First report on Oblivion, hope you dont fall asleep from boredom with this mammoth write up. Don't worry normally my reports don't have an encyclopedias worth of dribble in them but this was a pretty special one for me personally as i've wanted to get down here for some time now. Right so...
  13. Wevsky

    GRS Network Paris Catacombs December 2014

    This was originally an invite kindly offered by Mr Jobs for me and the wife,the wife had to decline due to ill health so i jumped at the chance of 3 days under paris with a bunch of strange chaps in waders. Was picked up by Maniac along with non member Mr perry to then head to dover to meet...
  14. NightVision

    Paris catas

    Hope this doesn't sound stupid, but is anyone a big fan of the Paris cats?.. More so is anyone planning a trip? And doesn't mind an extra head onboard
  15. SillySnail

    Catacombs - Paris

    The first is right beneath Paris, but the other beneath a suburbian cemetery. "] "]
  16. Doug

    Paris & Vienna (and stuff) from June & July 2001.

    I thought I’d already chucked these up. ATAC Quarry in Paris
  17. mookster

    Les Grands Moulins de Paris (Flour Mill), Lille May '12

    I'm looking through some of my old photos hoping to get the spark back, which I've kind of lost lately. Les Grands Moulins de Paris is a still-active Milling company in mainland Europe, but their mill in Lille, built in 1920, closed in 1989. This was our first glimpse of a European site, we'd...