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  1. X

    I Need Advice for Asking Permission

    Hello, so as you can tell (if you go to my profile) I am new here and this is the first post that I hope people will reply too with good advice. So I am a YouTuber that's an aspiring director and writer, and I'm starting off with making youtube videos and something called "the chilling...
  2. Controlled Chaos

    The KEY villa (Permission Visit) - 2014

    A marvellous closed villa visited in 2014 with permission.  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
  3. Hydro

    Leeds Train Station (Subterranean Areas) - Aug 15

    So as you all now know, Network Rail were kind enough to give us a tour of the lower levels of the Train Station as we had failed numerous times to reach these areas via stealth. Explored with Raz & Jord Bit of History; Leeds railway station (also known as Leeds City railway station) is...
  4. skeleton key

    London underground permission visits.

    If any are interested I saw this pop up on my news feed. Organised by The London Transport Museum. Charing Cross That tour will take you through parts of Charing Cross that were closed in 1999 stretching underneath Trafalgar Square. The tunnels are now used largely for filming movies and TV...
  5. Landie_Man

    -(sort of permission) St Mary's Church, Buckinghamshire, Jan 2015

    Funny one this really. I’ve known about it for years but thought I’d go and check it out, its situated fairly near my house and there is a public footpath going through a yard which leads to the building. The place is “open to all†but first a key must be obtained from...
  6. Timster1973

    The Welsh Old Iron?? - Permission [December 2013]

    Evening all, Called Welsh Old Iron in homage to it's Belgian cousin ;) Out for sunrise a few weeks back and decided to call in on a localish scrapyard that is normally filled to the brim with old trucks and cars just to see if they had anything else in. Talking with the owner, the council had...
  7. Judderman62

    (Permission visit) Clayton Le Woods Reservoir, Oct 2013

    Built in 1884 to provide water storage for the Leyland area the reservoir was decommissioned in 1992. It provided locals with water for 108 years and in it's heyday it stored up to 300,000 Gallons of water. English heritage twice turned down applications to have it listed stating it was...
  8. mde

    Abbey Mills - Permission Visit 2012

    So I’ve seen a few other perm visits on OS forum so thought I’d add this one into the mix as I could not find any other reports from Abbey. I know in the past people accessed this site without permission and must admit was pretty surprised (and impressed with the ingenuity used to get in ;) ...
  9. klempner69

    Hilsea Lido, Permission visit 2013

    This isnt an explore as such,but I was invited to have a look round this restoration project.The Lido has quite a history,but briefly,it opened in 1935 and closed in 2008 when Portsmouth Council wanted rid..the new owners are a Trust,dedicated to restoring the Lido.If you want an indepth piece...
  10. oldskool

    Great Britain Battersea Power Station Permission Parts 1 & 2 - April 2013

    Battersea Power Station Ok loads of rumours going round that we paid £3000 for this shoot WE DIDNT !!!! But some one did ,to cut a long story short if went like this a friend of a friend is a big photographer in London and shoots for the big add houses his client booked Battersea for the day...
  11. oldskool

    Great Britain The Lancaster County Lunatic Asylum Permission Visit - Apr 2013

    The Lancaster County Lunatic Asylum Lancaster Moor Hospital (formerly known as The County Lunatic Asylum). During the nineteenth century Lancaster became a provincial centre for the treatment of mental illness. In 1809 it was decided that the proposed County Lunatic Asylum would be built at...
  12. Maniac

    Pleasley Colliery (Permission Visit) - Apr 2013

    Having some time to kill on one of my recent jaunts up north, we popped into this place as it was close by and got shown round by a very knowledgeable chap who used to work down the pit. He certainly knew his stuff and was fascinating to listen to, so much so I almost forgot to take any photos...
  13. shaddam

    st cleveland st hospital [Permission visit] circa 2012

    The second site i ever explored in London after meeting the first splorer i ever met on the same night!, st cleveland was a work house for the sick and poor in the 1700's, turned into a nhs hospital untill 2005, the building lays derelict, how ever 5% or so is converted for a handful of people...
  14. Wevsky

    Drop Redoubt July 2012 (with permission)

    Right kindly let in by the bloke whos history im quoting,nice little sunday outing no stress no drama ..and a few beers Visited with Urban Ginger , Stealth and space invader Borrowed history..cheers barry Put simply, a redoubt is a detached outwork of great strength from which soldiers can...

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