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    Quick Intro to myself

    Good Evening Everyone, Just a quick intro to myself, my name is Ben, and im the Photographer at B T Frewin Photography, hence my profile name, and i currently live in Rotherham. I am pretty much new to the whole urbex scene, but have a ton of experience with my camera and love a good explore...
  2. Mockingbird

    The Vagrancy Cells - October 2015

    Awoke early down a farmers track at 6am, cold an legs numb from the sleep in the car, this place was on my list so it was time to tick it off. I rather enjoyed seeing these myself as from peoples pics here an there across the web, light painted like mad in here to even get a shot I was pleased...
  3. Mockingbird

    A Small Mortuary - October 2015

    Hey folks! Have not posted in awhile so thought I would share a fair amount of places, I have visited over the past few months. This place I was keen to visit, I dont really like hospitals much but this small place caught my eye, mainly for those luxury tray pillows ;) I heard its now sealed...
  4. Msix

    Msix Photography website and fan page

    Hello all ;) Here is my new website (in english for you enjoyment): And my new Facebook fan page: Come take a look and give us a like and share, thanks guys & gals. See ya Johann
  5. Hydro

    Seldom Seen World UE

    Just thought id leave this here to do with as you please... i know facebook is the devil and it disgusts me with image quality but most my friends dont know what a forum is never mind how to navigate one :thumb
  6. Mockingbird

    The Actors Orphanage - June 2015

    So I was rather lucky to have around 4 hours of undisturbed exploring inside here, despite a half naked model on the stairs and a photographer inside shouting "bit more". It seemed secca had the day off, as the hours passed more explorers turned up who each came in two's and threes. I have to...
  7. Mockingbird

    The Gunmans Cottage - June 2015

    This place was alongside the road on route to another explore, the initial idea was to leave this place after the outside looked rubbish, but our target for the day was a no go, so we traveled back an decided to nose around to see if we can get inside. After peeking through dark curtains, we...
  8. BenderFX

    The Analog Urbex [facebook group]

    In this age of hypercoated glass, super-ultrawides and space age image editing, the merits and intrinsical beauty of oldskool analog photography is often easily overlooked. Hence my new little facebook group: The Analog Urbex. 100% Analog pictures...
  9. JayB

    My Photography page

    Just wanted to share my page with you guys. If you could give it a like, share it about and give me any feedback that would be great. There is a range of stuff on there as I haven't quite found my niche yet but Im proud of all the photos I've taken :)...
  10. Tuner111

    Photography Bram Site and more :)

    Hi all here you have my site and more where i post my work Greets Tuner111
  11. T

    Photography as a hobby

    Thinking recently, how many people here participate in photography as a hobby? We all know that members of this board and other UE forums use photography to show sites that individuals have visited, and captured. Leaving UE out of it how many use their cameras to take shots of models...
  12. macspix

    macspix photography

    I have my own website mainly for portraiture and few landscapes. I am updating it soon and adding an Urbex page of some sort! I also have 4 Facebook pages that may be of some interest or not! mp photo gallery has my landscapes Urbex and general photos on it! graveyards of...
  13. M

    mc photography

    feel free to clic on "like" button: All album:
  14. M

    Couvent des vignes-September 2013

    My first topic on this forum. A convent. From the outside, impossible to expect the real treasure. But what a surprise when we opened the church doors closed since years... rest of set on, facebook...
  15. vanishing days

    Band Photography

    Hello eveyone ive been offered some work by MC lars to follow him around the uk on his next tour in march Im looking to expand my kit for this really ive got around 450 to spend my current kit is eos 40d kit lense battery grip bout 20gb of cards what would people suggest i get next i was...
  16. Obscurity

    sunset photography

    ok guys, after posting my sunset photos up and getting alot of crit i went back to the same spot to grab another photo and try to follow the advise given by members. I have taken it from the same place as before and had a little play with it taking in to consideration your comments. It wasnt...

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