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  1. AndyK!

    Peely Paint Photos

    Add your photos of peely paint!
  2. The Urban Collective

    The Old Farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Lancashire

    The old abandoned farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Feb 2018 One of my favourite explores so far this old abandoned farmhouse was brimming with history and fortunately, we made it just before the bulldozers did. I've seen plenty of footage of this old place on the web and it seems we...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Brock Mill video and photographic reports - 5/2/2018 A quality explore that we really enjoyed. Not the most architecturally stunning but still there's a certain beauty about decay.
  4. Mockingbird

    The Gunmans Cottage - June 2015

    This place was alongside the road on route to another explore, the initial idea was to leave this place after the outside looked rubbish, but our target for the day was a no go, so we traveled back an decided to nose around to see if we can get inside. After peeking through dark curtains, we...
  5. cgeff

    Cgeff photos

    Hi.... you will find my pictures on facebook or on flickr The links :[email protected]/
  6. macspix

    adding photos?

    sorry but like every forum I have ver been on I always want to post a question that doesn't seem to fit a category I can see!! anyway of posting a report and or solo photos WITHOUT. using flickr or photobucket? I don't want either! btw tried the app and it froze too much so ditched it
  7. shaddam

    Old Royal victoria docklands photos

    So after doing some research about the area i came across this pdf normally i wouldn't bother linking these sort of things, but page 11 onwards and page 45 include some photos of millennium mills i'd...
  8. Ninja Kitten

    Photos for forum update!!!

    Are we all done for posting our favourite photos on the thread " WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS "?? If so i suggest you all take a peek at the photos posted on there and choose what you like best and post below...only choose one..and il get to work on it... cheers guys and gals!!
  9. Ninja Kitten

    We Need Your Photos! All Members heads up here!

    As you are aware the forum is currently being revamped...I am in the process of designing the banner that heads the forum oblivion state... what i need is photos that depict what we do and what we are all about...and who better to ask than all you guys and gals!!...once we have a good across the...
  10. darbians

    I'm Not Taking Photos of Bugs Today!! 2009

    I went out for a walk with my camera. Only objective no bugs or macro as that is what I mainly shot. Walked out of the town and see an old bridge. I figured it was the test track underneath and thought I would take a look. This is what I found.. 1 DSC_2422 by darbians, on Flickr So I worked...
  11. Maniac

    Great Britain Detached Bastion, Dover - Various photos over the years.2012

    It struck me the other day, I don't think I've ever posted any or my photos from here. It's one of those places I've visited so much I just take it for granted and don't really pay much attention to it. It's the place I always go to experiment with stuff because it's so accessible. The detached...
  12. Shadow

    Great Britain Kittington farm. Elvington. Kent. 07.06.09 (Photos)

    As farms go thats pretty damn interesting :)