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  1. urbexosaurus

    Belgium HFC - Belgium - May 2016

    Quick report as I don't have any historical info. Fun explore, although got cut a bit short, after being caught, so I need to go back one day to finish it... Secca was really nice. He offered me some coffee and cola, while waiting for the police. Police was less amused and they didn't wanna...
  2. SpiderMonkey

    Celanese, 2014 - '15 (Mid Demolition)

    Hello OS. I've done a report on this place already, I know.. But there's a few photos I didn't add and i've had a few more visits since then :D (I can't keep away). Demolition here is well underway and it won't be long until all of the disused areas are just waste, and I'm pretty sad to see...
  3. AndyK!

    Shoreham Cement Works, West Sussex - April 2014

    Shoreham Cement Works West Sussex 1. The twin kilns run the length of the building History The Beeding Portland Cement Company was founded in 1878 and began producing cement at the site in Upper Beeding near Shoreham in 1883. Six Johnson Chamber kilns were used and could produce up to...
  4. Perjury Saint

    GIGAWATT... April '14

    The penultimate site on my last Euro jaunt was this MONSTER... Easy in, splendid weather and I had the place to myself for the morning... Industrial porn of the HIGHEST calibre... BOSTIN!! :thumb Thanks for lookin in :)
  5. Perjury Saint

    Cyklonkessel... April '14

    After the vintage delights of Dr Dents, it was time for the 'main event'!... Another 3 and a half hours drive and I was there, a few hours kip and up with the lark! And what a setting!! Picture postcard German valley cloaked in mist and thick with forest, alive with sounds of the dawn chorus...