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  1. Mumi

    Mumi's Place

    Hey m8s! Glad to share my Youtube Channel and my Facebook page. Feel free to join! :D Youtube Channel: Facebook: Regards! :)
  2. Andy

    The beginning - my first abandoned place (visited 1991)

    These are my first "real" (conscious / aware) Photos from an abandoned place. I've took them 23 years ago, in 1991 (I'm getting old ... ;) ). It was an abandoned mansion with a chapel in Trier / Germany (today it is restored). The image quality is not very good. But I think it might be...
  3. schräglage

    Place of death - 2014

    A very nice place with a sad past: an abandoned crematorium
  4. Silent Hill

    A day out at John's place? (visited this millennium) - 2014

    Lincolnshire County Lunatic Asylum Yeah I know she's been covered a multitude of times, but to me, It will always remain one of my top visits. How can you not love St John's! St John’s hospital in Bracebridge heath has a long and interesting history. The Asylum was built in 1852 and...
  5. darbians

    The Lady Diana Place May 2013

    I had been wanting to go here for a while. Its quite well sealed and the police actually train there dogs here. From the outside the building shows a lot of promise, sadly its not as good inside as you may expect but it is in stunning condition. A lick of paint on the outside and it be as good...
  6. BadBatz

    Chefcliff healing, place, chefcliff - July 2013

    So, it went like this. Ida opened up, no bugger could get back into the main hospital. Then we did, via Andy the Ferret and Beardo the door opener. Add New member Mrs Andy (OK, so thats not his or her name on here LOL!) and me and we had fun. Right until I set off a singular PIR that yelled at...
  7. sj9966

    Some of Father H's place, May 2013

    I nipped over last night to check the fire damage. The only building that was on fire is the St Mary's building (which was a nurses home not a care home as I have written in this report). It has suffered damage to the right hand side of the building but is not totally burned out. There is a...
  8. nickynackynoo

    A Place to Drink and Dance, Lancashire, May 2013

    OK, first post, be nice. This place has been on my radar for a while now. Was bored one Thursday evening, so Mrs NNN told me to bugger off with the camera. Went out and as night fell, thought that I'd have a look at location access. Yep, was easily doable. Went back the next evening, got in...
  9. Space Invader

    St marys childrens home, Thanet place, kent sept 2011

    Found this place a ltttle disappointing to start with many of the rooms were plain white wash shells but then i found the staircase. Which made up for what the rest of the place lacked right on with the pics ... a little history... Thanet Place was a large mansion with gardens overlooking the...
  10. Nelly

    Pitt Place - Chelmsford - July 2011

    Once owned by Essex MP John Archer Houblon from 1810 to 1820 and a descendant of the first governor of the Bank of England this has been on the buildings at risk register for several years. The following was taken from The Essex Chronicle. Despite the roof missing a quarter of its tiles and...
  11. Maniac

    The intriguing place - May 2011

    Yes it's a house, it's full of stuff and it's a very interesting place to look round. The floors are pretty sketchy inside, and some of the rooms are so full you can't even get inside them. Without a doubt there is more funiture there than could ever possibly be sensibly used in the place...
  12. Nelly

    Copford Place - Copford, Colchester - Jan 2011

    Copford Place is a 18th century Grade II listed building in the village of Copford, 5 miles west of Colchester British History Online has this to say about it..... "Apparently late 17th century, a two storeyed, sevenbayed, doublepile house that forms the south range of Copford Place; it...

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