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  1. urbexosaurus

    Poland Sw. ST. Kostka (Poland - May 2015)

    Not really sure what to call this place... Church? Chapel? Something in between? Place was in pretty terrible shape, but the ceiling still made it worthy of taking a few snaps. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  2. EveDestruction

    Poland Abandoned house with Jaguar in garage

    Traveling through eastern Poland together we saw an abandoned house near the road. quick decision - we are entering. From the outside, the house did not offer much. The entrance was easy, only to our misfortune the house was empty, there was not much equipment in it, practically bare walls...
  3. Alek

    Hello from Poland

    Hi from Poland, i've finally find some time to sign up ;) Cheers! 
  4. Flame

    Hi from Poland

    Hi everyone from Poland, I've known to Oblivion for several years, finally I've account here :)
  5. Wicked Sunday

    Poland Abandonned Quarry - Krakow, Poland | August 2017

    I had spent some time at Krakow with a lovely girl who appeared to still live with her ex-boyfriend. We decided to go on urban exploration together, except right before we went for dinner she got a call from that particular ex-boyfriend that he would kill himself if she would not return home. So...
  6. Wicked Sunday

    Poorly maintained graveyard Częstochowa | August 2017

    I was on my solo roadtrip through Poland seeking for and abandonned railyard in Częstochowa. While searching I encountered a German person living in the area who showed me the road towards the railyard. While walking towards this place I discovered how odd Częstochowa can be: right in the middle...
  7. GREGUL1979

    Hotel - Poland 2018

    Everything left as if the hotel's owners left it with the thought that they will come back in a moment. Or maybe the contrary, with the thought that they can not go back there anymore. We know that they did not come back. We do not know why. At the bottom, aprons, cups, the inscription "Welcome...
  8. GREGUL1979

    Crypt - Poland 2018

    When I die, honey when I part with the sun and I will be a long rather sad thing will you take care of me then? you will embrace your arms and you'll fix what broke cruel fate ...
  9. GREGUL1979

    Never sleep again

  10. GREGUL1979

    School for children - Poland 2018

    I have long dreamed of visiting an abandoned school. From what I was able to read on the internet, the school was closed in 2003. After a few years, the facility was reactivated, an environmental center was created. Unfortunately, the plan did not work out. So the little kids marched to another...
  11. GREGUL1979

    Laboratory - Poland 2018

    There was an intoxicating smell of chemicals in the air and a smell of ubiquitous mold. Ampoules and glass beakers, volumetric flasks ... broken ... crashed throughout the room. It is best not to touch anything. Just being in this room led the airways to rage
  12. GREGUL1979

    Hotel - medical clinic

    In the middle of the city ... the entire ground floor is flooded ... mold ... demolition .... Sports and medical clinic connected to the hotel. Another building written down for losses. Probably soon will be razed to the ground ... especially that in its vicinity grow new residential buildings...
  13. GREGUL1979

    Resort - Poland, 2018

    One of the objects located in the campsite. Why a house is bad. When I was inside, alone ... there was a squeaky door from everywhere and the cracking of the boards against each other. The blame for all this is borne by the wind and frost ... however, when you sit in such an object yourself...
  14. GREGUL1979

    Closed hospital - Poland, 2018

    The hospital was closed less than three years ago. The facility has functioned, among others orthopedics and traumatology, rheumatology, pulmonology and surgery. The total area of the facility is about 2.38 ha. As of today, little souvenirs remain in the middle. The only thing left was the lamps...
  15. GREGUL1979

    Poland Glassworks

    Closed glassworks. The office building looks like they closed it yesterday. There is not even a trace of dust. The room in which there are samples of what they made there - amazing. Rows of glass lamps ... until you do not want to leave. I'm sorry that it's all waiting ... just for what...
  16. GREGUL1979

    Thermal gym

    Closed German thermal gym.
  17. GREGUL1979

    Cinema, Poland - 2018

    It looks as if someone closed the cinema yesterday after the screening ... cinema room untouched ... projectors in their place, ready to work ... amazing atmosphere.
  18. GREGUL1979

    Civil defense - Poland 2018

    It is a civil defense hall in a large plant that remembers the times of the Polish People's Republic... it was rather ... because the plant liquidated the room In the event of an armed attack, it would protect the civilian population. The room is falling apart. The equipment is rotting. Nobody...
  19. GREGUL1979

    Repair workshop

    Incredible climate. Several work halls, in one stand drills, lathes, milling machines ... right next to carriages and goods wagons. Everything is gently sunk in the green eaves ... Some 150 skilled workers used to work in these halls. Today there is silence. (translated in a translator)
  20. GREGUL1979


    Powerful plant, foundry, machinery park. Incredible climate. Three years ago people were working there. Today, everything is gradually exported ... casts for scrap .. part of machines for other plants, the rest for deletion.