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  1. urbexdevil

    Brentwood Police Station - August 2018

    With an ever lasting itch to explore a prison or police station that needed scratching, the time came to explore Brentwood Police Station. Unfortunately solo but a great explore despite! So after finding a good access point and choosing my moment wisely between passers by, I found myself within...
  2. Landie_Man

    Witham Police Station, Essex - April 2018

    So on the same day that I first went to the Cop Shop in Brentwood, Essex, we decided to drive 20 miles to the disused Police Station in Witham.  It was OK, but probably not worth the extra driving.  It was more of a cottage design inside.  Quite a nice relaxed explore though and had water and...
  3. Landie_Man

    Brentwood Police Station and Magistrates Court, Brentford, Essex,- April 2018

    I visited this site on two separate occasions; once in early April with a non-explorer friend; and again a week later with Mookster and our American Explorer friend who is over on a uni placement.  The site is in the middle of a busy town, right on the main road and is in pretty good condition...
  4. little_boy_explores

    Report - Bishopgarth police training centre, Wakefield - Dec 31st

    History Bishopgarth was first built in 1891 for the Bishop to live in. In 1946 the site became the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Training School. The classrooms were built in 1952 and the new block added in 1969 (the accommodation). There were 14 course's for training police men/women...
  5. MrT

    Old Nic Theatre Gainsborough March 2016

    Had chance to visit this place with permission so living down the road i thought it was worth popping in. The Old Nick was the original police station in Gainsborough. It is an Italianate-style Grade II building at the junction of Spring Gardens and Cross Street - just above the vehicular access...
  6. Hydro

    Old Police Station, Pontefract - Sept 15

    With Kind permission of Pontefract Town hall - Visited with Ant Background; The building was built in 1785 and was the first building ever to hold a secret ballot so is the birthplace of our modern elections. The building has many beautiful rooms one of which contains a monument to Lord...
  7. WildBoyz

    Palmerston North Police Station, Palmerston North (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History Palmerston North Police Station, originally one of four stations in the city, was completed in 1938 at a cost of £30,000, and operated up until 2005. The existing building was built on the site of the former wooden Victorian era police station and, in keeping up with modernist ideas...
  8. Lavino

    Great Britain Bury police HQ April 2015

    a recent visit with @woopashoopaa @Telf and @GRONK was a fun day out had by all of us.visited various locations so on to the police station after have a good look around and telf working out our way on site we spotted our entry point finally got in all was good headed streight upstairs was going...
  9. Light-worx

    [Germany] Hospital of Secret Police in the GDR, Berlin - 2015

    This Hospitalcomplex was used as an hospital for the government and the secret Police (STASI) in the former GDR. I have no historical facts right now, will deliver them later.
  10. Landie_Man

    Aylesbury Former Police Station/CCTV Building/Free Parking – Sept 2014/Apr 2015

    Aylesbury Former Police Station/CCTV Building/Free Parking – Sept 2014/Apr 2015 Recorded History –This site used for information -http://www.aylesburytowncouncil.gov.uk/Document/Defaultcd79.pdf In October 1935 the new Aylesbury Police Station and constabulary headquarters along...
  11. Lenston

    Police Training College - Wales - April 2014

    An oldie from last year but not posted on OS History Closed in 2005 the site is a former Police Training facility and living quarters, it comprises of a main central block, together with a number of residential blocks all around and additional sports fields. In addition there is a range...
  12. The_Raw

    Tower Bridge Magistrates Court & Police Station, London - October 2014

    Tower Bridge Magistrates Court is a Grade II listed building dating back to 1906. The three storey building was designed by John Dixon Butler with a stone and brickwork exterior and an Edwardian Baroque style roof. The Court entrance is flanked by high socles supporting giant Ionic columns to...
  13. TrevBish.co.uk

    Farnham Police Station - Surrey - September 2014

    Hello, I was driving past here a couple of weeks ago and noticed the green hoarding, not knowing what was behind it I done some research. I found out it was Farnham Police Station. They closed it in around 2012 after announcing Police cuts. The place itself only has a couple of interesting rooms...
  14. cunningplan

    Police Academy 3 Aug 2014

    Went on a mini tour the other Saturday with a couple of none members and the first stop was here. It was the main Police training centre for South Wales, not sure when it closed but it seams a while now. I was told some photos were lifted and posted on a local online magazine and security might...
  15. Beef

    Severalls, a heads up.

    Hi guys, I haven't been on the forums much recently (been busy mostly with my new born, but some of it's laziness) but thought I would give you guys a heads up. We were at Sev's this morning for a silly o'clock start and after a 5-6 hour mooch about and on our way out we got busted by Michael...
  16. Row1

    Chateau La Foret of Haddock / La Police

    Hi, I've made this movie about our trip to this location, and we managed to get in! (Without paying someone :P ) Please take a look at the movie of this beautiful location. Everything went fine, until the end, we almost got caught :P
  17. Landie_Man

    Former Police Station, Rickmansworth,Visited 2013 - 2014

    Excuse the pictures, not sure what I was at that day and also excuse any photo link issues as I can’t work out the new Flickr! Visited back in September with Northern_Ninja from 28. The police station is of a 60s/70s build and served the town of Rickmansworth till February 2011, when...
  18. superwide

    Seabrook police station : Jan 2012

    I was going to title this post as Headquarters No. 6 Area Traffic Division Seabrook, but I thought it may be a bit of a let down when you looked :) But thats what it is, built in 1908 as station and garages for Headquarters No. 6 Area Traffic Division under Chief Inspector David Godden. Over...
  19. M

    Maison du gendarme-september 2013

    No story about this mansion, all covered by the nature... http://www.flickr.com/photos/haileiselassie/sets/72157635980698983/ Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  20. skeleton key

    Great Britain Police station -herts -2012

    CHEERS FOR LOOKIN IN :thumb :beer: