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  1. TheBackpackExplorer


    First time newbie post - the fear is real… so be gentle! The History Founded in 1842 by James Holding on a large clay deposit in Lancashire, Holding's Country Pottery dug & processed its very own Clay prior to production. Originally located in Gaulkthorn during 1842 before a move in 1860 to...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Netherlands Pottery NW - September, 2020

    History: In 1675 the first recorded roof tiles ware made on this soil, after that the old pottery works expanded its operations over the years. In the first decades it was always kept inside the family. Because clay could be found in the next door river, the production for this was pretty much...
  3. MiaroDigital

    Germany Small pottery - [visit 05/2017

    A small pottery in east germany... 1. Kleine Tonfabrik 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Kleine Tonfabrik 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Kleine Tonfabrik 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Kleine Tonfabrik 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr
  4. Urbexbandoned

    TG Green Pottery - Derbyshire - July 2017

    History   T.G.Green & Co Ltd originally operated from the village of Church Gresley, South Derbyshire between 1864 and 2007. More famous for their blue and white striped 'Cornish Kitchen Ware' produced from the early 1920's (then known as 'E-Blue') the pottery produced many hundreds of...
  5. macc_explore

    Falcon Pottery, Stoke on Trent - February 2016

    The Explore Last explore of the day this one and not a bad one at all, as with lots of places I've seen lately I think we were a good few years to late for this one. Still a really interesting explore though and gives a real insight into an industry that was huge in that area at one time.. The...
  6. Punk

    Falcon Pottery Works (J.H. Weatherby & Sons), Stoke-on-Trent - Nov '15

    Explored with Lost Explorer, The Wombat and a non-member History The Falcon Works Hanley, was owned by J. H. Weatherby & Sons Ltd who established a works on site in 1891. The works originally specialized in earthenware but later went on to produce fine porcelain. The former extant hovel...
  7. SpiderMonkey

    TG Green's Pottery - 2015

    Hey OS. This ones a pretty old UK location but it's still just as great, the decay and reclamation here is really what makes it, not to mention all of the stuff left behind. Visited on a few occasions with AndyK! and others. Photos: Not as well covered here as in other reports...
  8. Eykens J. Photography

    France Abandoned Pottery Factory - Sept 2015

    During our latest trip to France we visited an old factory where pottery etc were made. Although the place is abandoned for a while and most of the factory is empty, one building is (in urbex terms) well preserved. The combination of wood, sunlight, beautiful rooms and left pottery made this one...
  9. TheVampiricSquid

    TG Green Pottery, Derbyshire - June 2015

    Evening:D The Explore: Found myself up north this weekend, and the first place we visited was TG Green. After fighting through some brambles we found ourselves inside - it was a relativity relaxed explore overall, just wondering round at our leisure until we saw a jeep go by.. upstairs in the...
  10. DugieUK

    Holdings Country Pottery, June 2014

    Brief History Founded in 1842 however, the business was originally located a short distance away in Gaulkthorn, an outlying area of Oswaldtwistle. In 1860 they moved thebusiness to Broadfield, then in 1900 his son set up the pottery on the present site. From then on the pottery stayed put and...
  11. Wherever I may Roam

    Holdings Brothers Pottery - Oswaldtwistle - June 2011- Jan 2014

    Taken from a newspaper article... The pottery was founded in 1842 by James Holding at Gaulkthorn a hamlet 2 valleys away from its present site. In 1860 James moved his buisness to Broadfield and in 1900 his son Grimshaw moved it to its present premises on the bleak windswept hillside above...
  12. Perjury Saint

    T.G. Greens Pottery. Dec '13

    ...T.G.Greens Pottery... 'Cornish Kitchen Ware was first produced in 1926 by T.G.Green & Co in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, a county famed for its pottery. The range’s special characteristic came from the lathe-turning process, which cut clean bands through its beautiful blue slip to show...
  13. The Elusive

    Imposter Pottery Factory! Accidental, PREVIOUSLY UNREPORTED !! ( Visited Nov 2013)

    What a giggle! Through a quick chat with BangoEX; myself and another explorer went to what I thought was Falcon Pottery works, It wasnt until I got back having photographed it and had a really confusing conversation we figured out I'd gone somewhere different. Ive managed to figure out what it...
  14. Paulpowers

    Holdings Pottery, July 2013

    I was traveling across to Accrington and by a fluke my shat nav was taking me directly past so it would be rude not to visit The place is falling apart but is full to bursting with little artifacts If I'm honest it was nice to get out of the van for a bit and stretch my legs .
  15. shatners

    Holdings Potty Mouthed Pottery - June 2013

    Holdings Pottery June 2013 Another fantastic explore in the superb company of Skankypants, Shush, Mr Toby, HitGirl, Richard and Auntie Pam. Really enjoyed this old place, was a propper mad dash ten minute job as the owner came along and very kindly asked us to finish up in five and be on our...
  16. H

    Great Britain Soil Hill Clay Pottery

    Around the year 1784 Mr. Jonathan Catherall stated "my pottery produces mixing bowls, flower pots and bread crocks from our hard bed fireclay dug up from the hill next to our works and this is known as black pottery". Mr. James Robinson was a long standing partner until the year of 1805 when he...
  17. R

    Great Britain TG Greens Pottery June 09

    Visited with Jesus, Shadow and Speed Another one I didn't think was good enough to post up. Won't bother with the history, because you all no it off by heart nows anyways. Pictures aren't great
  18. Shadow

    Great Britain T.G Green Pottery - Derbyshire 22.02.09 REPORT!!!

    My journey started this morning, I was awoken by the distinctive BUZZZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZ of my awful bloody alarm clock that I've owned for 100000 years and loathed every rude awakening. Particularly in this case because last night because of the time I went to be, I also realised that my train...