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  1. scrappy

    Old Printers, visited July 2015.

    This huge site was a newspaper printers that I saw online had recently closed, so I decided to go for a drive to see what was left. Turns out it was still a live site (the offices) and they was getting the machines ready for sale or to be scrapped. I managed to talk my way into been given...
  2. mookster

    Great Britain De La Rue Security Printers, High Wycombe (Oct 2011) 2013

    I remember this being one of the very first derelict sites I saw reported on aaaaages ago, and in actual fact I assumed it was long gone as there hadn't been any photos surfacing from it for a good few years until my mate popped up one day and said it was still there, so we hightailed it to High...
  3. Mrbeardo

    Printers - wales (visited 12) - 13

    Thought I'd post my old stuff up seeing as Nelly promised to post me a greggs pasty in return.
  4. Ninja Kitten

    Just A Printers ....2012

    After a rammed weekend of full on splores with my besty PS this was a place that ide wanted to lookaround for some time..After probably gaining the most cheekiest ever entry in we literally couldnt beleive what we were looking at...they just shut the doors on this place and walked out the...