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  1. franconiangirl

    Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 2016

    April 26, 1986. One single day, that changed the day of numerous people overnight. One day, that entered the annals of world´s history. It was the day, when reactor no. 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was destroyed after a power failure simulation gone wrong. On that day in April 1986 the...
  2. The Wombat

    Chernobyl nuclear power plant, May16

    Chernobyl… Where do I start!  Had an awesome action packed beer drenched week-long trip in the zone. I took 1400 photos, and saw some amazing sites in Pripyat. I’m going to start with Chernobyl Nuclear power plant, as it is a once in a lifetime site. It is my first nuclear power plant (!) and...
  3. The Invisableman

    Chernobyl (October 2015) Pic Heavy

    It's been a long time since i've posted anything here and I was surprised to see my account was still active. Been quite an absence for me for any UE and am starting to feel slightly out of touch with the community, so having had the pleasure of seeing Chernobyl last October i thought this gives...
  4. Gambit

    Pripyat, Oct 2013

    For those who don't know - and to be honest, I didn't until my planned trip, Pripyat is the name of the town that was built to house the workers of the Chernobyl Power plant. It is located about 2km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (ChNPP) When the town was founded in 1970 it was a very...
  5. The_Raw

    Apartment block rooftops, Pripyat - October 2014

    Pripyat is a ghost town in northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus. Named after the nearby Pripyat River, Pripyat was founded on 4 February 1970, the ninth nuclear city in the Soviet Union, for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It was officially proclaimed a city in 1979, and had...
  6. APOD

    The Zone in 4K - film documentation of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    This latest report from the zone will be completely dedicated to the film project "The Zone in 4K", the goal of which is to collect film documentation of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone at a new standard of TV and film resolution. This standard, which is just now becoming popular, has twice the...
  7. APOD

    Chernobyl - off the beaten track 2 - reportage - 2014

    Sunrise in Pripyat? Why not! I've been to Pripyat so many times, in different seasons, day and night. It's finally time to greet the city at the break of day. I get up before 4 in the morning and at 5 I'm already standing on the roof of a 16 storey building which has an excellent view of the...
  8. Timster1973

    Pripyat Firestation and Junkyard - visited April 2014

    Evening all, Part of the first full day we went to the Police and Firestation and junkyard attached to the Police station. The majority of the photos were taken in the junkyard as it was a little dark in the police cells. Next time will do a proper recce of the police station (if I can slip...
  9. Timster1973

    Pripyat town - Hospital MScH - visited April 2014

    Evening all, As you already know from my previous Chernobyl village report, I was part of a 35 man group which went in April. Part of the trip was two full days mooching in Pripyat which is the main objective for anyone especially with access to buildings too. We were basically taken here and...
  10. Timster1973

    Pripyat - mixed education images - visited April 2014

    Evening all, A selection of images from several of the kindergartens and middle schools that we managed to get around on our 2 full days in the zone in Pripyat. also included a few from the music school. Hard to believe that some of the items still remain 28 years since the disaster. Named for...
  11. AndyK!

    Pripyat Hospital (MsCh-126 Medico-Sanitary Unit) April 2014

    Hospital No. 126 was the general infirmary for Pripyat. The first firemen to respond to the Chernobyl Disaster were taken here and their clothing remains radioactive. 1. Operating Room Hospital MsCh-126 Medico-Sanitary unit was the general infirmary in Pripyat, serving the workers of the...
  12. Wevsky

    Ukraine Chernobyl ,Duga3 & Pripyat April 2014

    This was organised by some great lads who worked it out so we had decent accommodation Very good guides and made the trip worth every penny. The list of names of those present is never ending but Bigjobs and Hils, SX-riffraff where there as where quite a few other bods some of who you know.Cant...
  13. mrVolodislav

    Road to Chernobyl - go to dead city with us

    Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about a project that might interest urban explorers. This project is called "The Road to Chernobyl." What is it? My team and I want to create an autonomous quadrocopter and send it to Chernobyl. You know the tragic fate of the Soviet city? But I remind you a...
  14. ImmortalShadow

    Chernobyl & Pripyat (visited October 2012) - 2013

    No doubt this place has been done a fair few times and you all know the history, so I'll get on with the photos. This was a visit that was mainly organised by Strefazero, but also by Carbonangel on another well-known UrbEx forum. This was my first time here. I'm hoping to go back. Anyway...
  15. Landie_Man

    Ukraine Kiev, Pripyat and Chernobyl Blog All Parts- June 2013

    To help keep this long report concise: Deafult = In the Zone/Relevant Green= Out of the Zone/Non Relevant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1 At 1:33 am on the April 26th 1986, a routine emergency drill conducted under unsafe...
  16. mrtoby

    Bus Station - Pripyat - April 2013

    We all know Pripyat and the story. I went there last week and although its totally played out and is now a full-on tourist attraction it still is shocking to see first hand. This was on the first day of a 2 day tour I did with a non-forum friend and one of the many buildings we hit up. I...
  17. Timster1973

    Pripyat - 2012

    Evening all, Covered some of this as part of our trip to Chernobyl. Private tour and partial free roam next time. History Pripyat is a ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, part of Kiev Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine, near the border...
  18. Timster1973

    Pripyat funfair - 2012

    Evening all, Had the opportunity to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat last October. This involved time to explore Pripyat and the abandoned funfair which is an Urbex icon. Welcome to Chernobyl - edge of the Red Forest. History Pripyat was a city in the Ukraine built to house workers for the...
  19. klempner69

    Pripyat Kindergarten 6,Chernobyl (visited 2012) 2013

    I found this Kindergarten very very sad indeed,with all the reminders left behind in a hurry as the citizens were evacuated.I also wondered about how many children had perished since this dreadful accident occurred.Was glad I saw it but it was my least favorite explore out of the 20 plus...
  20. klempner69

    Pripyat Funfair,Chernobyl (visited 2012) 2013

    The funfair is situated in the city park to the rear of the Palace of Culture.Sadly the fair never opened on May Day,as planned.When we visited,our guide put her Geiger counter down on the tarmac and it went into overdrive..needlessly to say,we didnt spend too long here.For me,this was my...