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  1. AndyK!

    Great Britain HM Prison Holloway, London - August 2018

    HMP Holloway was the largest women’s only prison in Europe until its closure in 2016. Rebuilt between 1971 to 1985, the prison's design was intended to produce an atmosphere more like a hospital than a prison. This design was recognised as a failure in the 1980s as its lack of traditional wings...
  2. UrbanLurking

    HMP Glen Parva Prison

    Glen Parva was constructed on the site of the former Glen Parva Barracks in the early 1970s as a borstal and has always held young offenders. Since its opening in 1974 the establishment has seen considerable expansion and change and now serves a catchment area of over 100 courts, holding a...
  3. eyevolve

    Prison (U.S)

    Built in 1896 and in continuous use until 1995, this pinwheel style quaker prison was a reflection of a similar one located nearby. You can tour that one for a few dollars and take as many pictures as you like. This one was not so easy.... It was the site of a controversial...
  4. Vief

    Patarei Prison permission visit July 2015

    I haven't been here for a while, sorry for that. I will try to catch up with you! I have visit The Patarei Prison in Estonia last summer. For the amount of €2 you can undertake a self-guided ‘urban exploration’ tour. This prison has a long history and I tried to find some info about it, but...
  5. MrT

    Old Nic Theatre Gainsborough March 2016

    Had chance to visit this place with permission so living down the road i thought it was worth popping in. The Old Nick was the original police station in Gainsborough. It is an Italianate-style Grade II building at the junction of Spring Gardens and Cross Street - just above the vehicular access...
  6. JPL

    France Prison H15 2-2016

    My first explore in France.          
  7. jones-y-gog

    France Prison H-15 (April 2014)

    The first time I saw pictures of this place it made such an impression that I had to try go there. I heard the stories about the notorious gypsy camp outside and the random police training with dogs and guns... However, on a bright morning there we were in Northern France - the first location...
  8. Merryprankster

    H15 - france - september 2015

    Evening all, hope we are all having a lovely juan. right it's been a week since RAWs went up and its been a couple o' few weeks since my last report so thought i'd fire something up from weekend before last weekends 36 hour hop into france. pretty banging 36 hours really, got round a prison, a...
  9. The_Raw

    Prison H15, France - September 2015

    An abandoned prison in Northern France, constructed in 1906 and used until 2005. Despite stories of this place becoming more and trashed by the day I've still always wanted to see it for myself. Arrived late morning with maniac, merry prankster and elliot5200. We avoided the gypsy camp on the...
  10. Matthias Mertens

    Prison H19 - 2015

    Hi guys and girls off course ;) , My set of this prison. It was in quite good state, not much decay. I like my prisons in heavy decay, but some photos turned out to be nice. Pictures were shot in april 2015 These walls are closing in on me by Matthias Mertens, on Flickr These walls are...
  11. The Wombat

    Vagrancy cells, Melton Mowbray, Leics, Aug15

    Had to visit this, as it’s on the proverbial doorstep, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about this one. I’d missed out on the group’s previous day’s exploits, but at least I got something in, even if I was a bit unprepared. Enjoyed this atmospheric place. Don’t be fooled by the...
  12. Solidvortex

    Prison Supra Green Garnish - 2014

    A small, decaying prison. Meoww! WHAT IS! 1 2 3 4
  13. MrObvious

    Great Britain HMP Kingston Portsmouth July 2015

    a look inside former HMP Kingston in Portsmouth. built in 1877 as a Victorian radial design prison. Kingston has had a varied history. At one point the building was used for a boys' borstal, and then became a police station during World War II. In 1965 capital punishment for murder was abolished...
  14. AndyK!

    Sutton Place Young Offenders Secure Unit, Hull - June 2015

    Headed over to Hull for a solo visit when I got wind of an 'abandoned prison'. I didn't expect too much and the place isn't anything special but has a few ok bits. Brief History Sutton Place was a reformatory prison for young offenders in the criminal justice system deemed to be dangerous to...
  15. Stussy

    Prison Pieter, Scotland - Nov 2014

    A rainy Sunday afternoon, out for a drive and decided a chance my luck on visiting a prison I had known about for a good while, but knew it had on site security. Fuck it I thought, chance my luck and drive up to the gate, called the number and Mr Secca Man was happy to give me the keys and...
  16. WildBoyz

    Palmerston North Police Station, Palmerston North (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History Palmerston North Police Station, originally one of four stations in the city, was completed in 1938 at a cost of £30,000, and operated up until 2005. The existing building was built on the site of the former wooden Victorian era police station and, in keeping up with modernist ideas...
  17. Ghostpast

    Prison 19, March 2015

    What a great explore, 5 am, alarmclock, wake up! 6 am, fck i felt asleep again, hurry! Great way to start your day, next problem. We got the location, but is it the right one? Driving through germany we found a prison, why are there so many cars and why does it looks different? Park the car and...
  18. Gregx

    Prison 19H [03-2015]

    after almost 4 months of inactivity it was time again to hit the road and finally here that click click click again Started at this location #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 You can see more of this at
  19. MiaroDigital

    Prison 19H... - 02/2015

    :D :D Coole Geschichte zu diesem Ort :) Die Bearbeitung finde ich ein wenig zu hart aber sonst echt schön :) 4sights die Wärterin, tzähhhh korrupt, bestechlich und Türen öffnend :D ;) 1. Prison 19H 01 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 2. Prison 19H 02 by MiaroDigital, on...
  20. darbians

    H15 prison: April 2014

    A large prison in France that closed in 2011. It had space for 1500 inmantes and supposedly its split into male and female sections however I am not fully sure if this is a fact. There was quite a bit of graffitti here and I think some of it added to the location. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...

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