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    Paragon Hotel, Italy - April 2015

    The rather large Paragon Hotel in Italy has been empty for around 10-15 years and is frequently occupied by the homeless. Occupying a pretty central location in a relatively large city, one of its dominating features is the main ballroom which has a huge skylight in the middle. Draped with...

    Blue Chapel Monastery, Italy - April 2015

    The Blue Chapel Monastery in Italy sits abandoned and features a bright blue chapel with a very large cross hanging from the ceiling. The chapel itself is the main point of interest in the place as the rest of the building was pretty well stripped back to its concrete and brick construction...

    Villa 1967, Italy April 2015

    Villa 1967 has gone down hill quite a lot since some of the previous photos I’d seen and so I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with what was left. That aside the place was actually quite nice both from the outside and in some of its internal features. The staircase, you could tell...

    Bangour Village Hospital aka Edinburgh District Asylum, Scotland - February 2015

    History The now derelict Bangour Village Hospital is a large Psychiatric Hospital complex which first opened in 1906 as The Edinburgh District Asylum with an initial 200 patients. The Asylum which was modelled on a German village-plan design similar to that of  the Alt-Scherbitz asylum of the...

    Villa Margherita, Italy - April 2015

    Villa Margherita is an abandoned residential building, which appeared from some of the modern decor to have been used as an office type building before becoming abandoned quite recently judging by the lack of decay… Visited with Andy de Kay, Matt and Spider Monkey, it was the last spot of the...

    Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital, Italy - April 2015

    The first stop on our Italian Urbex tour the abandoned Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital. As with quite a few of the locations on our trip this spot had been quite popular mainly because of the huge rooms filled with rows of beds. Sadly by the time we got there the beds had been taken...

    Manicomio di R, Italy - April 2015

    Manicomio di R is a huge hospital facility located within a large town in Italy. Originally opened in 1871 the site consists of multiple buildings within large walled and fenced grounds and catered mainly for insane patients. Manicomio translates to “Madhouse” in English and was a term commonly...

    Red Cross Hospital, Italy - April 2015

    Another lovely abandoned location in Italy, the Red Cross Hospital sits empty, on a hillside in a pretty remote locations. The weather was incredibly hot as we made our way inside and wondered about searching for the chapel which wasn’t as obvious to locate as we had expected. After shooting the...

    St Josephs Seminary, Upholland - April 2015

    Briefly, the abandoned St Joseph’s College, Upholland is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building were laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been deconsecrated...

    Leeds Girls High School (Rose Court Infants School) - January 2015

    History This second report from the Leeds Girls High School features the Rose Court building which is situated on the same site and the main senior school building. Rose Court was purchase by the High School in 1912 and I believe before this functioned as a private residence. Built of stone...

    Leeds Girls High School, Leeds - January 2015

    History Founded in 1876 The now abandoned Leeds Girls High School is situated in Headingley Leeds and was originally built to cater for girls aged between 3-18 years old. Established at a time when female education was on the rise, the school was an independent, selective fee-based school...

    Domain M Hotel / Guest House, Belgium - June 2014

    Not much to say about this place Domain M is an abandoned Hotel / Guest house which had signs of a started but abandoned renovation. Whilst I didn’t personally go upstairs here I’m informed there wasn’t much to see with all the best bits being on the ground floor. Some rooms were still full of...

    High Royds Asylum, Leeds - Feb & March 2015

    History High Royds Lunatic Asylum or the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum as it was originally called, is a former psychiatric hospital near the village of Menston in West Yorkshire. The broad arrow plan asylum features a large array of stone built wards and interconnecting corridors most of...

    The Buzludzha Monument aka The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgaria - March 2015

    History The Buzludzha Monument aka The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party is a huge concrete circular structure that many say resembles an abandoned UFO. It sits derelict on top of the Buzludzha mountain slowly crumbling away as it deals with lack of maintenance and fierce winter...

    NGTE Pyestock January & March 2013 2 Visits (Pic heavy)

    Bit of a throw back report but I dont think I have posted these 2 sets up here yet and I have rcently been back through and reprocessed these old shots from both trips in hopes that they look a little less over baked. Briefly the National Gas Turbine Establishment at Pyestock Fleet was built in...

    The Grand Hotel Birmingham - January 2015

    Visited with Andy de Kay, Spider Monkey and Matt (Kriegaffe9) I must tip my hat to Darbians for the tip off on this place! After seeing a shot of his from here I had to see this place for myself! Almost all the building had been stripping inside of most of the original features, many floors...

    Broadoaks Manor, Surrey - November 2014

    The abandoned Broadoaks Manor was built in 1876 by Ernest Seth-Smith for his elder brother Charles. In 1898 the house was then sold to elderly rich industrialist and between 1911-1946 the house was owned by the brewery owners the Charrington family. The Ministry of Defence have confirmed that...

    Moseley Road Baths, Birmingham - November 2014

    Moseley Road Baths, located in Birmingham, opened in 1907 and still operates to this day. Very little has been done to alter the layout of the building which means that almost all the original features remain including the private wash baths or ‘slipper’ baths which date to the pre-war era...

    Villa Beethoven, Germany - November 2014

    Very little information about the abandoned Villa Beethoven on the internet. All I could find out ws that it was originally owned by a wealthy family and when the mother passed away the inheritance was fought over by the children which resulted in the house being sold to a developer. Plans to...

    Selly Oak Hospital Morgue - November 2014

    The first building on the site of Selly Oak Hospital was the old King’s Norton Union Workhouse which was built in around 1872 to consolidate existing services for 5 separate parishes. Originally the Hospital was built to accommodate 200 pauper inmates. In 1897 a separate infirmary opened at...