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  1. Judderman62

    Quarry M. June 2013

    I can find zilch, zippo about this location so cannot give any history. I have only seen a couple previous reports one of which has since vanished from the face of the earth - that one mentioned that there were some newspapers on site that were fairly recent to when they explored - the site...
  2. oldskool

    DOROTHEA slate quarry - August 2011

    The trip....Oldskool and Host, another epic fail turns good... Arrived in Wales early morning (like we do ),took a short walk to find the pump house . I thought to myself this place we be a doddle being so remote , how wrong was i... We spent a good hour and a half looking for a way in , even...
  3. Timster1973

    Abandoned Quarry - 2013

    Hi all, Visited this place this weekend which was quite local to us. Abandoned quarry with trucks, a lot of macro work and bokeh more than straight wide angle shots. A few more to process by some in the report below. Not sure if there is any history as the local dog walkers didn't really know...
  4. Timster1973

    Quarry "M" - (2012 ) 2013

    Last post tonight. This was a nice little morning's explore but it was very bright and made for tricky exposures plus it was my first time using my fisheye. No history except someone I know knew the guy who used to own the engines in the yard. There is nothing else known about the place. #1...
  5. klempner69

    Monks Park Quarry Hanson depot (visited 2009) 2013

    This is the depot above Monks Quarry that contains the winding gear and maintenance sheds and stores.Visited with Tommo and Spungeltrumpet back in 2011. And this beastie used to guard the entrance And that was the above ground depot at Monks Many thanks for...
  6. Flava

    Hantergantick Quarry, St.Breward, Bodmin, Cornwall. Jan 2011

    The granite quarry at St Breward's primary function was to supply the building blocks for the re build of Bodmin's notorious Gaol back in the mid 1800's. But granite blocks from this St Breward source have built great bridges and cobbled our roads far and wide, giving rise to some of the most...
  7. HitGirl

    Box Quarry Sept 2012

    Explored with 3 non members This was my first underground and it defo wasnt my last, Unfortunately we didnt find the ''red door'' so i revist is defo on the cards
  8. Flava

    Delabole, Quarry Drainage Tunnel, Cornwall, Aug 2012

    I had the opportunity for a mid week explore, so would of been rude not to.. This is nothing special just a drainage tunnel for the quarry, which is around a mile long from start to finish and ends up in the bottom of the pit The Delabole slate quarry is one of the largest of its type in...
  9. H

    Bolton stone mines and quarry 2011

    This was our second visit to this area, i have no history on this place all i can tell you is it is a stone quarry with 4 stone mines within the faces, there was a rail line within the quarry which went down hill to the railway for off loading there stone. on with the pics. 2 of the ways in...
  10. H

    A big un for ya quarry lovers 2011

    Sunday saw a trip into this reet nice quarry, we even bumped into the security guard who to be hones didn't give a monkeys as long as we didn't disturb his sleep lol..... this place was really huuuueeeegggggeeeeee !!!!!
  11. H

    Great Britain North Wales LLanddulas Quarry and Jetty

    History has been done (but not to death ) bet I could find out stuff what has not been posted but after 18 hrs up in the sheep country my head has gone west !.....on with the pics...
  12. Jesus

    Spring Quarry, Corsham. 2010.

    I had the great pleasure of visiting this place with Thompski recently. After a quick phone call one evening, 3 hours later we were traipsing around Wiltshire's green and pleasant land in the fast receding light. Major thanks go to Vdub here for directional aid, we'dve not have managed without...

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