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  1. urblex

    Great Britain The Bay Queen Hotel - Isle of Man, 2019

    This one was a bit samey once we got inside, looked like it was going to be better from the outside, think the best part was getting in, that and the massive amount of dead birds we found inside. The place was caked in pigeon shit, and there were warnings plastered all over about unsafe...

    The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital - Welwyn Garden City - October 2015

    Well, this has been done to death, so I thought I would add my two pennies' worth! Relaxed explore, bumped into 2 other people while we explored. No security or nothing seen! To easy! Not a bad hospital but I think I prefer Haslar and Frenchay when it comes to features and equipment! But still...
  3. urbexdevil

    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, September 2015

    Certainly at the top of the list of splores this, without a doubt worth the trip! All be it only 20 mins away, for some of us anyway �� The day started early and after some very useful hints from a fellow explorer we walked straight into the hospital with no trouble at all, best of all the...
  4. DirtyJigsaw

    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Sept 15

    Evening All, Been awhile since i posted a report but seeing as everyone else is going here, i thought it would be rude not to show my face. MrDan and Sweetpea were already there and i was at work. So i booked afew hours holiday at work to go check this place out haha. Bit of history: Opened...
  5. bassboyjoe

    Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital - Hackney - April 2014

    History In 1870, a small 26-bed hospital was opened here & known as North-Eastern Hospital and Dispensary.In 1893, a new building fund began, this allowed the Hackney Road site to be expanded and new ward accommodation to be added. In 1942 it amalgamated with the Princess Elizabeth of York...
  6. The_Raw

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children - Hackney, North London - April 2014

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children This hospital has been abandoned for over 15 years, it's quite a fair size including several different buildings and has multiple accessible rooftops. Sentinel and Joe picked me up (still a bit drunk to be fair) early doors and we arrived only to find there...

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