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  1. Lucathebigboy3

    Survey for my University project - very quick to complete :)

    Hey all, it would be great if you could help me with my Uni project. I have created a survey on a light that can prevent injuries by having a 2 headed torch, please could you fill out the survey. Very quick to complete. here is the link: design...
  2. crabb

    Water tower quick explore, swindon

    Built in 1871 but had been refurbished at some point.  Now, I don't do heights.. So I was chuffed to see my mate practically run towards it in excitement and go first. It was pretty high and the grated floor was not ideal if you wanted to avoid looking down.  The tower probably stands around...
  3. Provost Kenneth

    A quick hi !

    Hi alll ! I'm Kenneth from Belgium I finally stranded here after only looking at the fb page ;) I hope to see many great places and lovely pics. Greetz and thx for the accept!
  4. whynotdiex

    Just a quick HI!

    Hi, Guys Names Jack live in willenhall / Wolverhampton with Loocyloo we are always up for meeting new peeps :)
  5. Creaven

    a quick hello from bradford

    hi guys im a new member and pretty new to urbexing .. i live in a place called keighley its neer bradford and leeds in west yorkshire always looking for new people to meet up with and go on an adventure :) speak to all soon
  6. SuZyQue

    Just a quick hello

    I think I said hi the first time round lol, but hi again now living in suffolk but originally from kent and lived in ramsgate for 10 years, I'm a carer for a living and luv exploring done the old asylums, pyestock etc and a few others, also I'm a beachbum luv the sea and always beachcombing on...