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  1. LeeLewis82

    Great Britain RAF Raynham 2015

    For the first time we actually gained access to RAF Raynham, NON permissive. Its a cracking explore and one i will return to at some point as my mum took ill so we had to leave early sadly, anyway it was a warm sunday mid afternoon and we met up with harry and julian, access was fairly easy...
  2. Mockingbird

    RAF Upwood - October 2015

    Yep another RAF Upwood post sorry folks! I had ventured around here late last year and easily got booted off by Mr estate car, since then its been active due to that medical facility but sadly not do-able an half collapsed. Anyway after the airsoft players finished in I ventured an spotted...
  3. The Lone Shadow

    RAF Thurleigh/ Oct 2015 (Visited Apr 2015)

    History Thurleigh was built for RAF Bomber Command in 1941 by W & C French Ltd in 1941. On 7th September 1942 the 306th Group started to arrive; with some of their B17s flying in the following week. From October 1942, the 306th Group mounted a long and arduous offensive suffering many...
  4. LeeLewis82

    Great Britain RAF Upwood Medical Facility july 2015

    This was the first time at RAF Upwood Medical Facilty and it proved a good explore although heavilty trashed. While we had to crawl under a broken piece of plyboard it didnt disapoint with stuff and debris everywhere, plus nearly every piece of glass was broken. As well as it being pitch...
  5. AndyK!

    RAF West Raynham - July 2015

    Opening in May 1939, Royal Air Force West Raynham was used by RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War. RAF West Raynham was an expansion scheme airfield with a grass landing strip and a Fort-type lookout tower. The lookout tower was replaced with a “Control Tower for Very Heavy Bomber...
  6. Mikeymutt

    RAF Nocton Hall..September 2015

    This was my third visit to Nocton Hall, I was showing someone else the site. This old military hospital is often overlooked, but if you want long corridors, peely paint and decay, this is a great place to go.
  7. hamtagger

    RAF Upwood, Cambridgeshire - July 2015

    RAF Upwood The Explore Visited in the summer time with Urbexbandoned :) It's knocking on Octobers back door and i'm starting to accumulate a backlog of explores and pictures burning a hole in my computer. I need to learn to stop writing war and peace each time and maybe i'll catch up to...
  8. whynotdiex

    RAF Higher Ercall - Telford - July 2015

    The History (Borrowed from Wiki) Between the 1960s and 1990s, the Site was the Multi-Occupational Training and Education Centre (MOTEC) which provided training for workers including HGV drivers and mechanics and hosted the RTITB National Junior Mechanic Competition 1987. The majority of the...
  9. urbexdevil

    RAF Upwood, September 2015

    Great explore this and has been on the list for quite some time now, only being an hour or so away. Unfortunately we did not manage to enter the hospital section as it is now half demolished and appeared to have somewhat eagle eyed secca watching over it and the rumors I had heard of the...
  10. SlimJim

    RAF Upwood - September 2015

    The Flight of Project Brown Eye A miracle happened: My friend was done smashing rocks at his 50 hour a week day job and wanted to come out for a splore! I was up for it, but my only condition was he would have to drive :D Haha! Our first target was another military site in our area, but we...
  11. Norfolk Explorer

    hillbilly farm, Norfolk, August 2015

    This was another of those fab days out, Just driving around and checking out stuff I had been wanting to see for a while that had popped up online. So myself Zyge, littlebear and Spark headed out for the day to avoid massive nettles and horsefly bites..... Something that I did not manage all to...
  12. Urbexbandoned

    RAF Upwood - Cambridge - July 2015

    A bit of history that for once I did NOT steal :D ..... well from anyone on here :D History Since 1982, the Nene Valley Gliding Club [1] has conducted its glider operations from a field that occupies the site of the old runways. Initially these operations were under an agreement with the...
  13. Hydro

    Military & Construction Vehicle Graveyard - Feb 15

    Explored with Raz & 2 non members (i think) Background Royal Air Force Station Folkingham or RAF Folkingham is a former Royal Air Force station located south west of Folkingham, Lincolnshire and about 29 miles (47 km) due south of county town Lincoln and 112 miles (180 km) north of London...
  14. Rik

    RAF Bovingdon Control Tower/Vulcan XH558 fly by - June 2015

    My visit This was right on my doorstep, and I was a little bit curious, the perfect opportunity came around to visit, a Vulcan fly by! The XH558 ( (the last airworthy Avro Vulcan) was flying right over the location after looking at the route map! Off I went to get a good view and it just...
  15. Hydro

    RAF Driffield 2015

    History; Ripped from wiki (Naughty) Explored with a non member; Carla The first aerodrome to occupy the site was made up of wooden and brick buildings, similar to those found at Duxford or Hendon. Known as Eastburn, No.21 Training Depot was the first unit to occupy the site from 15 July...
  16. Urban_Explorer

    RAF stenigot June 2015

    All am going to say about the dishes, is don't walk up them if u want to fall back down! slippery as fuck! ha! The history, RAF Stenigot was a Second World War radar station situated at Stenigot, near Donington on Bain, Lincolnshire. It was part of the Chain Home radar network, intended to...
  17. hamtagger

    RAF Stenigot, Lincolnshire - Apr 15

    RAF Stenigot Home Radar Station The Explore I’ve lived in and around the Lincolnshire area now for a good few years and always fancied taking a look at these massive dishes but they always seemed to be on the backup list if all the other backups failed. A friend had just received his shiny new...
  18. hamtagger

    RAF Thurleigh Control Tower, Bedfordshire - April 2015

    RAF Thurleigh Air Traffic Control Tower The Explore After a double visit to the RAE Bedford Windtunnel testing site, we decided to take a look at the ATC tower which was basically situated on the same site but on the other side of the massive multi-runway airfield. A long walk past some smelly...
  19. hamtagger

    RAE Bedford Video Tour - April 2015

    RAE Bedford Aerodynamics Research Facility
  20. Infraredd

    Sywell - February 2015

    Sywell is a private Aerodrome that still is in use. It opened in 1928 and during the Second World War as RAF Sywell it was used as a training facility (Tiger Moths) and later an important centre for the repair of Wellington bombers and extensive sheds from this time still remain on the site. So...