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  1. Nelly

    RAF Stenigot - June 2011

    Based high on the Lincolnshire wolds, approximately 5 miles South-East of Louth, RAF Stenigot opened in 1940 as a WW2 Radar station. It was part of the Chain Home radar network to provide long range early warning for raids from along the approaches to Sheffield and Nottingham and the central...
  2. Nelly

    RAF Thurleigh - Control Tower - Bedford - April 2011

    Thurleigh was built for RAF Bomber Command in 1941 by W & C French Ltd in 1941. On 7th September 1942 the 306th Group started to arrive; with some of their B17s flying in the following week. From October 1942, the 306th Group mounted a long and arduous offensive suffering many losses. The...
  3. H

    Raf Stenigot 2011

    A days trip lead us to here and several other sites, I'd love to write some history about this place but I cannot find any that hasn't been done before !. never the less if you have not been here I'd recommend it !. We decided to look around the remaining building which was secured...
  4. R

    Great Britain RAF Newton Sep '09

    Took a walk around Newton again today, to see what access was like, still easy as. It was also a visit to see what was happening here, Turns out that they have put in for planning permission to build an "eco" town here, build starts sometime next year, was on the news yesterday, which I missed:(...
  5. Shadow

    Great Britain RAF Newton - 01/02/09 Snooow(ish)

    Managed to pursuade Jesus (for the first time in fooking aaaaaages) and BravoZeRo to join me on a winter wonder round the former RAF base, saw a few new sites today but got spooked by chavs sporting balaclavas who later turned out to probably be fellow UE'ers Anyhoo, on with pics, usual entry...
  6. superwide

    Great Britain RAF Hawkinge Officers mess, Kent 13/01/09

    I went for a wonder over to the Officers mess at RAF hawkinge for a little look see, unfortunately the mist was pretty thick so most of my pictures are pretty crap. Love the murals on the walls. Over all the place is a death trap, the roof is gone in the most part, entire rooms have collapsed...
  7. superwide

    Great Britain RAF Hawkinge - Aircraft Fuel Installation - 08/01/09

    After my trip to Reinden Woods I stopped by the old RAF Hawkinge site I had noticed a mound behind the museum. The mound turned out to be the aircraft fuel installation. It consists of two rooms both with their own entrances but also connected by a steel hatch. The airfield itself was the...
  8. E

    Great Britain An RAF Airfield in Pembrokeshire - 12/05/08 - Report.

    The subject line is a bit vague as the owners were spot on with us and asked us not to put the location out there. If this report tickles your fancy and you would like to visit, drop me a PM and I'll give you Tims mobile number. The best spot in the site (the room with the drawings / maps) is...
  9. superwide

    Great Britain RAF Lympne - Kent - 12/11/08

    I had a few hours spare this afternoon so I decided to take a look at RAF Lympne's huts and some of the bunkers. Here are my pics.... :arrow: One of the bunkers: This little chap made the strangest rasping noise when he opened his wings to warn me off: The grate of death: Something...
  10. R

    Great Britain RAF Newton 14/09/08

    Visted with Thurisaz & Shadow I always see something new to photograph when I go here :P Still know photo's of ghosts :( & the amazing group shot The rest can be viewed here...
  11. R

    Great Britain RAF Newton (West) *HEAVY PIC'S* 2008

    Took a trip to Newton again, visited the West to check out some Pillboxes and what seemed to be anti aircraft placements, only got to see 3 out of the 4 Pillboxes. "Pillboxes 1" "anti aircraft...
  12. R

    Great Britain RAF Newton, June '08

    Visited with a member off Derelict Places(Kaputnik) on a lovely hot very windey summers day, got a good 6 & halfs hours there before security from one of the hangers got his knickers in a twist and the other come spending after us like he was in a 70's cop show, lol. I'm gonna be taking a...