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  1. Riding Japan

    Japan, abandoned residential building (video in English)

    Urban exploration in Japan is called Haikyo which is also the word "ruin" as far as i know. I ve made a few videos and i d like to share them here. please have a look and tell me what u think. PS: why is there no flag tag thingy for japan xD
  2. obscureserenity

    Italy Villa Scorpio - June 2017

    Villa Scorpio History Unfortunately I couldn't find a great deal of history surrounding this location but from what I have gathered it was built at some point during the late 19th century. The former occupier owned a large cement factory in the same town. I would imagine the family were quite...
  3. WildBoyz

    Great Britain Californian Bungalow (Nurse's House), Wellington - June 2017

    History This report is based on a ‘Californian’ bungalow – a style that is popular in New Zealand – that was built in the 1930s. It lies in the heart of the city of Wellington and as an ‘untouched’, ‘fully furnished property’ has been valued as being worth half a million dollars ($540,000)...
  4. WildBoyz

    New Zealand Popotunoa Houses, Clinton - May 2017

    History Clinton, which was originally named Popotunoa (after the nearby bush-clad hills), is a very small town in New Zealand. It was named after the 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, Henry Pelham-Clinton, the former British Secretary of State for the Colonies. It is located along State...
  5. MrObvious

    Linford Nursing Home (revisit) may16

    took another trip to Linford nursing home so i could show my friend around and so he could make a video in there... we set off about 4am this time to beat the traffic, after bumping into 4 groups last time.... and got there for 5 when it was light enough to shoot when we got there i instantly...
  6. U

    Doughty House - Richmond - March 2016

    History: Doughty House is a large house on Richmond Hill in Surrey, England, built in the 18th century, with later additions. It has fine views down over the Thames, and both the house and gallery are Grade II listed buildings. The house was named after Elizabeth Doughty, who lived there from...
  7. The Elusive

    Pram Cottage

    Some of the most enjoyable places to visit for me are the old cottages that are always in the middle of nowhere,  This one is no exception..  Its pretty decayed which lately Ive really enjoyed capturing!  I think i did get a bit carried away with the pram and very distracted when i heard a...
  8. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Huize Godelieve

    The only information I have about this one is coming from my grandparents, who used to know the people that lived there. It was the house of the  principal of a little school close by, sadly enough they demolished it before I was into urbex. They called the man "mister pipe" since he always...
  9. Stussy

    The Cloud House - December 2014

    Still trying to catch up on all the explores I haven't posted, now only about 9 months and getting on for about 100 locations behind! This lovely little place in the rolling Welsh hills was a excellent find by a group of wandering seagulls from what I understand! I left my residence for the...

    Villa Beethoven, Germany - November 2014

    Very little information about the abandoned Villa Beethoven on the internet. All I could find out ws that it was originally owned by a wealthy family and when the mother passed away the inheritance was fought over by the children which resulted in the house being sold to a developer. Plans to...
  11. WildBoyz

    Port Hills Mansions, Christchurch (New Zealand) - November 2014

    History This report looks at some of the abandoned cliff top mansions on the outskirts of Christchurch. The damage to the mansions themselves during the 2011 earthquakes was significant to say the least, and as the cliff itself collapsed it took many of the buildings with it. Although...
  12. Stussy

    Fly Agaric Cottage, Scotland - September 2014

    Been a while since I last got round to uploading a set and doing a report on here, so a bit rusty, I present to you The Fly Agaric Cottage. Having a crazy alien come spend a couple days at my federation space shuttle deployment centre. After an initial pleasantries, an agreement between the...
  13. Timster1973

    Villa Heil - visited May 2014

    Another report from the last Belgium infiltration and this place was a stop on the second day but unfortunately we were spotted and were sent out. We came back on the way to the ferry on the Sunday and did it instead. A couple of hours mooch around here, some nice spots inside. Think that the...
  14. Timster1973

    Kasteel Hogemeyer - Visited May 2014

    Evening all, One stop from May involved stopping at this well known place that I've never been close to before so we stopped here for an hour or so. No history that I know but it looks like the previous owner liked cars and judging by those using it now, some form of restoration has been...
  15. Timster1973

    Chernobyl village -2014

    Evening all, As part of our 35 man tour in April this year, one of the early morning stops on our first day was at this village on the outskirts of the powerplant and within the exclusion zone. The Chernobyl contamination was divided into four exclusion zones based on radiation amounts. The...
  16. Timster1973

    Maison Rouf Rouf - Visited May 2014

    Evening all, Another Belgium residential, this time a small dwelling in the countryside that was a little small for four guys but we managed. Not much known on the history besides the owners come and check on it from time to time but we went early on our last day and did the business before...
  17. Timster1973

    Chateau D'ah - visited April 2014

    Evening all, Another report and a small place that was pretty empty and is slowly becoming another popular spot on the tour bus and who can blame them? Beautiful artwork on the walls and some great stairs is the sum total of this explore but worth the hour we spent there. Nothing in the rooms...
  18. SillySnail

    Beyond the river -2014

    Hi, I haven't posted anything since my subscription, here are my first pictures for OS : Northern Italy, in the Piemont area, a curious abandonned house, built on the other side of a river. Quite in a shabby state, but completely without graffiti or destruction, given that it's in the middle...
  19. Gigi

    Onder Ons - January 2013

    I thought it was being squatted at first. Some lovely details in here but stunk of catshit and I trod in some so didnt spend much time here! haha. 1 2 3 4 5
  20. M

    Maison du gendarme-september 2013

    No story about this mansion, all covered by the nature... Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with

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