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  1. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA An abandoned Huddle House and Back Yard Burger in Murray, Kentucky - Aug. 2020

    Huddle House is a franchise diner that is very similar to Waffle House. Back Yard Burger is a small chain of burger places that are mostly in the midwest and south. The Huddle House went out of business in 2018 after the owner gave up on it, and the Back Yard Burger closed in either 2017 or 2018...
  2. Grindle

    Great Britain The Gred: llan-y-pwll Wrexham May 2019

    A nice local one today; had many a great night in here it closed in 2012 with the building of the new by pass killing trade  Only accessed the pub the adjoining function suite locked tight shut alas Friday night  in the adjoining converted barn was rock night in the 70s as a teenager 
  3. urbexpm

    Little Chef - England/Wales Border - Jan 2017

    Situated on a main road from England into Wales this place shut down back in 2012 when a number of the restaurants were closed, it's been empty ever since. Seemingly well secured I never investigated until I passed early this year and noticed the front door was wide open. Being recently shut it...
  4. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Chateau D'ambiance

    My first repo on here! :D Once upon a time, near a big city there was this big wealthy hotel/restaurant, full of chique guests, expensive food such as lobster and glamorous rooms. After the business went bankrupt, the owners couldn't find anyone who had interest to buy it from them. So now...
  5. Mumi

    Medieval restaurant

    Hi everybody! First of all SORRY for not posting for a long time. I've been a little bussy this months... I'm very glad to share with you my last report, an abandoned medieval restaurant. A little place, but with a lot of stuff. Hope you enjoy! :D Regards, Mumi :)
  6. cunningplan

    The Palm Restaurant (Visited Oct 2013) Jan 2014

    Was not sure what to post next but in the end decided on this one. Every year I have meetings in Rugby, I had noticed the last time it had been burnt down, so when I had to go back in October and luckily we had a early finish I decided to take a look. Those who know where this is, its on the...
  7. seb

    Chinese Restaurant (July 2013) - September 2013

    An abandoned chinese restaurant in Belgium. The place suffered a lot... Thanks for looking!