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  1. DirtyJigsaw

    Hayward Gallery Rooftop June 2016

    All, Not sure if this should go in here as it was nearly 3 years ago now? Please feel free to move it if need be. At the time there was scaffold up at the building side as it was closed due to refurbishment. Some info from the internet: Hayward Gallery is one of the world’s leading...
  2. MrObvious

    Great Britain Europa House, Hampshire - Sept2016

    Another rooftop that's been on my list since i began Urbex and photography 2 and a half years ago. Europa house 63m high, constructed in 1969 for offices. I'm not sure when the place closed... but it's now being redeveloped for (I'm assuming) uni student accommodation. Explored with...
  3. MrObvious

    Brunel House, Portsmouth. July 2016

        History    Brunel House is a former Ministry of Defense office building that was used to provide accommodation to civil servants and naval officers from the 1960s until the Cold War ended.     Visits   I've had this building on my to do list for over 2 years now, ever since i...
  4. MrObvious

    British Gas, Leeds. July 2016

    The Explore.   This was the first stop off on our 24 hour road trip, celebrating @Redhunter's birthday with @TheVampiricSquid, @CuriousityKilledTheCat and a non OS member.   After spending the day before shooting a wedding, and having no sleep since 7am... we set off for the midlands at...
  5. Hydro

    Minories, London - Sept 15

    Visited with The_Raw, ExtremeIroning, Raz and Jamie_P Setting the scene; 5 people, 1 206, a huge squash. After exiting my clown car which was clearly not designed for more than 3 people (French so i guess i expect too much) we jumped the wall, shimmied the scaff, over a fence and we were...
  6. WildBoyz

    The Newgate Building and The Gate, Newcastle - June 2015

    History The Newgate building, located in Newcastle City Centre was built in the early 1900’s. The Grade II listed structure, with its twin towers, ornate clock faces, sweeping curves and large windows, is a famous landmark in the city. After the 1901 site was redeveloped in 1932, it...
  7. WildBoyz

    Taylor and Emmet Solicitors, Sheffield - May 2015

    History Taylor and Emmet Solicitors is reportedly one of the most successful law firms in South Yorkshire and the north east part of Derbyshire; it has, apparently, retained this title for over 130 years. The law firm prides itself on delivering high quality legal advice to both private and...
  8. Hydro

    Opal 3 Roof, Leeds - Various Visits

    General Background; Ranking in as the third tallest building in Leeds at 25 floors tall or 269ft above Leeds city center. Situated above the Leeds First Direct Arena this building dominates the sky line. Completed in 2007 it now plays host to some 500 plus students studying at Leeds Uni...
  9. Vancolen Kevin

    Mini rooftop hotel Germany (visit 2015)

    Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr
  10. Merryprankster

    London - May - 2015

    sooo i went to london last weekend and flashed a skyscraper, first time for everything, me and the gherkin compared gherkins, needless to say the gherkins gherkin was massive so i put my clothes back on, and sheepishly went back to my bottle of sailor jerrys. My excuse is it was bloody cold and...
  11. AndyK!

    Towers from Towers - London Rooftops (Nov 2014)

    During a visit to London it would be rude not to hit up a few of the capital's rooftops! We visited a couple of them with great views. The first was a building site near Tower Bridge, offering great views of the bridge and along the Thames. It was a shame a crane was slightly obscuring the view...
  12. -Raz-

    Opal 3 Rooftop Leeds

    Will post a report at some point but for now ill just post a video :)
  13. -Raz-

    British Gas rooftop - March '15

    After sneaking in and reaching the top floor of the Opal Tower to find a locked hatch we headed over the road to the British gas building in leeds, after not having the luxury of a lift unlike the opal tower 14 floor's later we was greeted by a amazing view overlooking the city. The building...
  14. The_Raw

    Office Block Rooftop, London - December 2014

    Found this roof with gabe, extreme_ironing and monkey near the river in London. It's currently a construction site for a new block of offices. Not especially high but proof that you don't necessarily need to go too high to get a good view of the London skyline. There's a few like this in the...
  15. Insiders Project

    Documentary show about urban exploration. Must see! Insiders Project!

    First episode of a new documentary series about urban exploration. In this episode invasion takes place in the Stalin's skyscraper in Kiev(Ukraine) - the so-called “House with a Starâ€Â. Overcoming difficulties and getting to unforeseen situations, the host with a filming crew passes...
  16. The_Raw

    St Alfege Church, Greenwich, London - August 2014

    St Alfege is the Anglican parish church in the centre of Greenwich. There has been a church here for over a thousand years, dedicated to the memory of Alfege, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was martyred on this site in 1012. The church has connections with many famous figures in British...
  17. Vancolen Kevin

    Revisit Rooftop Antwerp ( 26/07/14)

    I really love this location and construction will soon be finished, so I went back to take some more pictures Rooftop Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Rooftop Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Little clip :
  18. ImmortalShadow

    Dalton Tower rooftop views - (visited January 2011) - 2013

    This was a great visit, apart from the fact I had a really bad cold! 22 flights of stairs climbed and we finally were at the top... I almost died there and then through coughing! There wasn't much of interest in the actual tower itself as it was pretty stripped out, but the views from the roof...
  19. Nelly

    Return to Nortel Harlow (Rooftop)

    I had visited this site a week earlier but was thwarted in our attempt to do the roof by a persistent sec in a white van viewtopic.php?t=1877&f=9 So it was a revisit, this time there were four of us, Myself, Skeleton Key, UrbanX and Mad Axe, a great explore rounded off with a nice pint...

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