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  1. Hydro

    Monckton Coke & Chemical Co. (Royston Coke Works) - June 2015

    Explored with -Raz- Bit of background; Coke has been produced on this site for 130 years, with the current works being the last independent coke works in the country until it was bought by Hargreaves (Norec) in 2005. It is estimated that the plant produces 11 megawatts of energy, for the less...
  2. -Raz-

    Royston Coke Works - April 2015

    After a visit in the dark a while back me and Fat Panda headed over after work for a look in the daylight a couple times this week and the place is awesome! Ace having a playground like this so local to me! :D Cheers for looking :thumb
  3. Fatpanda

    Royston coke and chemical works-April 15

    Gonna keep this short as im using the on screen keyboard -_- but posted a report here a while back and we finally got to go in the light. visited with Raz Enjoy
  4. -Raz-

    Cokeworks Royston - February 2015

    Was originally going to post a few pics in the comments on Fat Pandas report as I visited with him but had quite a few pics so thought i'd throw a report together! Coke Manufacturing (Monckton) Coke has been made on the Monckton site at Royston near Barnsley in South Yorkshire for over 130...
  5. Fatpanda

    Getting coke'd up - Royston Feb 15

    Visited today with Raz had a great time and a few close calls with the secca. I was suprsed to see that this wasnt on here already and only found a couple of reports on 28DL. anyway enough of my crap Enjoy Thanks guys :cool2:
  6. mrtoby

    Great Britain Horse and Groom Pub - Royston - February 2013

    I was down south for a few days doing family stuff and this is 5 mins from my mums house-it would have been rude not to stop and have a peak. It has been empty for years and keeps getting planning permission declined for one reason or another-probably due to its close proximity to the dual...

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