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  1. Tinnitus Doll

    Gold mine, 162 metres under the ground (November 2012)

    Some months ago we visited the working gold mine in Sverdlovsk region. We climbed down 162 metres by old wooden stairs under the heavy rain of underground water. It was really hard but worth time and energy. It's foggy here. Here we had some rest, drunk tea near the...
  2. Tinnitus Doll

    Electro-Metallurgical Plant, the 2nd workshop (October 2013)

    Hi! The favorite pastime of our company is visiting working factories. Unofficially of course. And some days ago we visited Chelyabinsk Electro-Metallurgical Plant. Thanx for looking! :beer:
  3. Tinnitus Doll

    School â„–44 (April 2011)

    Hi! In Russia schools are not very beautiful in architecture but still, it may be interesting because they really differ from European ones. Nowadays this place doesn't exist. The coridor of the first floor. Thank you and good luck!
  4. Tinnitus Doll

    Abandoned steelworks (May 2013)

    Hello once again! I'm used to write texts with much more details about location shared but here I don't know If It's be possible for me because of the language;) But I wanna show you my favourite place ever and say some words about it. It's an abandoned steel works in Nyzhnij Tagil...
  5. Tinnitus Doll

    Siderite mine

    Hello! I write here for the first time. I'm an explorer from Russia and I'd like to communicate with people all over the world;) I hope It would be interesting for you to watch some places in Russia. I'm keen on not only abandoned places but working industry as well. Sorry I'm not so exellent...
  6. Lara

    Soviet Sub Dec - 2012

    I think this was the most scariest thing i have ever done. A late night splore on a Russian sub. It involved knee deep mud and a dingy ride with one and a half oars. But Trog and SK done an amazing job. The sub itself was amazing, im glad i didn't bottle it but inside was so claustrophobic, i...