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  1. DirtyJigsaw

    France Paris Metro Saint Martin 2018

    All,  Heres a quick report from another Paris Ghost Station i have now visited. Its one of the larger ghost stations and one of the most well known. Ive not been activley posting much as of late due to other commitments but i am out there exploring and got another big trip lined up this year...
  2. Punk

    Butternut, Saint Henri, Montreal, Canada - Sept '17

    History   Butternut is a foulwater storage tank in the suburb of Saint Henri. It was built in the 1980's with the increasing population of the local area. Essentially this is two long box sections, divided by pillars every 7 feet and split into 3 sections by 2 trenches for the soup to flow...
  3. Punk

    Canada Maltings, Saint Henri, Montreal, Canada - Sept '17

    History     The Canada Malting complex was designed by David Jerome Spence, and was built in 1904. On the west side of the complex there are nine violet coloured silos. They are covered in treated clay tiles that were manufactured by the Barnett and Record Co. of Minneapolis. These silos...
  4. Punk

    Saint Bernadine de Sienne, Montreal, Canada - Sept '17

    History   It's been pretty hard to find history on this one, especially with all the information being in French Canadian. Located in the Villeray-Saint-Michael-Parc area of Montreal, Saint Bernadine de Sienne was a Catholic church built between 1955 and 1956. As well as providing religious...
  5. Andy

    France Puits Saint Fontaine, France (visited 10/2017)

    The colliery Saint Fontaine was opened in 1908. For the extraction of hard coal, they dug to a depth of 1037 meters. In the 1960s, up to two million tons of hard coal were mined. In 1972 the colliery was closed for the first time, but in 1976 the operation was resumed. In 1986, the final...
  6. Hydro

    St Josephs Catholic Seminary - Various Visits

    Hello again! Possibly the most documented urbex building in the UK so theres no need for history, just check out the hundreds of other reports. I've legit done this place to death, seen every part other than a few rooms which are always locked. St Josephs hosted a recent meet up myself and...
  7. The_Raw

    Cristallerie Val Saint Lambert - Belgium, February 2015

    Val Saint Lambert is a Belgian crystal glassware manufacturer, founded in 1826. Val St Lambert is the official glassware supplier to H.M. King Albert II of Belgium. We were a bit sick of the sight of razor wire on this trip and nearly turned back when we found it protecting this old factory...
  8. DugieUK

    St Joseph's Seminary, September 2014

    Brief History of St Joseph's Seminary St Joseph's College, Upholland is a Former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building was laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been...
  9. Ghostpast

    Monastry of the bright Saint, NL, dec. 2012

    When I came walking in this chapel and was stunned by the beauty. This was also my first experience with a tripod, and other camera function as "supiriour automatic" on my Sony DSC HX200. After an hour we walked in some people who were working in the basement, and they "gently" told us to leave...
  10. Jammin'

    Saint Edwards Home for Boys, Coleshill. August 2013

    This is my first post but I have been on several explorations. The first few I didn't take pictures just went with born2misbehave. Took a like to the exploring and wanted to capture the experiences for myself. So with new camera in hand me and born2misbehave had a ride to coleshill to have a...
  11. urbexosaurus

    The monastery of the bright saint (visited Oct2012) 2013

    As promised, here's my report on "the bright saint"... It must have been one of my coolest explores from last year. At the time of the visit, this enormous monastery had been abandoned for a few years and even though there were many ideas what to do with it, till then they didn't really make a...

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