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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Sanatorio Divo carolo Dictatum - Aug. 2019

    History This sanatorium was build at the begin of the 1900s. At this time tuberculosis was a real problem in Italy and pretty much everywhere in Europe. So to contain this bacteria and cure patients, huge medical institution were build called sanatoriums. These complexes were nearly always...
  2. Kanika5985

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil

    Hey.. i am from India and would love to see Sanatorium du Basil in Belgium. Does anyone know anything about it?
  3. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany Sanatorium B. - visited 10/2018

    When in 1910 huge amount of Radon was found in the spring water the small town became a spa center for rheumatology. In 1912 the sanatorium was build and operated until the German reunification. As after the reunification public fundings supported building new estates a new sanatorium was build...
  4. The_Raw

    Sanatorium Gruziya, Abkhazia - October 2018

    Gagra is a seaside resort in Abkhazia, a de facto republic in northwestern Georgia. It used to be a popular holiday destination until the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict broke out in 1992. Like much of Abkhazia, it has since become a shadow of its former self. The beaches are quiet and hundreds of...
  5. Tomvandutch

    France Sanatorium Dilerium

    Dieses Sanatorium wurde 1898 gegründet und diente im WK I als Lazarett.  1965 kam dan die Umwandlung in ein normales Krankenhaus und 2000 folgte dann die komplette Schließung.
  6. The_Raw

    Sanatorium Shakhtar, Tskaltubo, Georgia - October 2018

    Tskaltubo was a popular spa resort, famous for its healing mineral waters and radon bath treatments. The first sanatoriums with in-patient facilities were built in 1925 and in 1931 Tskaltubo was designated as a spa resort by the Soviet government. Under the communist regime, a spa break was a...
  7. Strange Artifact

    Germany Beelitz Heilstatten (okt 2017)

    1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: A legal visit during a photo base on 21-10-2017. Felt like a last chance because renovation is being prepared. We could notice the painting done during the filming of 'a cure for wellness' very well since we did the bathhouse...
  8. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany Sanatorium A.

    In 1906 the jewish Dr. A. built this sanatorium for internal diseases. It existed until the late 1970s and is abandoned since. #1 DSC09045 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC09048 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC09049 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4 DSC09054 by Ghost-Scooter, auf...
  9. WildBoyz

    Wheelbirks Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Wheelbirks - January 2017

    History Wheelbirks is a small rural part of Northumbria, located to the south of Hadrian’s Wall. According to several historical books, there have been farmsteads in the area since the 16th century. It was David Richardson, though, who would have the greatest influence in transforming the...
  10. franconiangirl

    Germany Sanatorium R.

    The old sanatorium was once used as recreation home for staff of a well-known German company. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building was donated by the daughter of the company founder to the spa town X. It has been abandoned since the early 1990s. The building is now in a heavy state...
  11. franconiangirl

    Colonia Montana - September '14

    The former children´s sanatorium ("colonia") is located somewhere in the Italian mountains and was once built for the treatment of ill children. The building itself was a mere time capsule, full of numerous sick beds, school inventory as well as old medical bottles, ointments and tinctures -...
  12. Light-worx

    Children Sanatorium, 03/2014

    When I first saw images of this white autopsy table, I startet to search for this place. Eventualy in March last year I got the locations adress and an tip where to enter. I asked a friend and we went toghether on this trip. Arriving at the location, we drove further in the woods. Hiding the...
  13. Andy

    Sanatorium A. (visited 01/2015)

    The sanatorium was built around 1910 and closed in 1978. Before I had it already 4 times on the list, but ultimately never enough time for a visit. This weekend it finally worked. :) It was gratifying to see that only in one area of a staircase graffiti could be seen. Architecture and decay...
  14. Andy

    Chateau Sanatorium (visited 08/2014)

    The history of the castle from the 18th century dates back to the 12th century. Last it was used as a sanatorium. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 (The red light comes from a foil at the window.) 21 22 23
  15. Rolo

    Sanatorium Du basil - October 2014

    After a long and bumpy ride (lowered car, which was terrible on the roads surrounding the sanatorium:D ) we finally arrived on location. While searching for an entrance we saw some fellow urbexers on top of the clock tower, I just knew i wanted a piece of that. :P 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  16. Rolo

    Sanatorium Bloemendaal -June 2013

    First report on the forum, first location i explored. When a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to go with her, and take pictures of an abandoned mental hospital I hesitated, and thought it would't be my thing, But I didn't have any other plans that weekend so what the heck i'll go. When we...
  17. Ghostpast

    Sanatorium Dolhain, May 2014.

    Visited in may 2014. A nice, quiet and peacefull place. Loved the fact how i calmed down standing on the roof, looked out over a small river and woods. When the wanted to leave, some people who lived nearby blocked our van, they werent to happy to see us. Luckily, the driver knew how to turn...
  18. Grunpfnul

    Sanatorium Sansa - April 2014 (January 2014)

    Very "thrilly" there - seems to be inhabitated by someone (an running mp3 player, hidden in a room - attached to the linejack to somewhere... weee...), but i loved the thrill this place gave me. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18...
  19. Row1

    Sanatorium Du Basil

    Hi, as mentioned in the topic of my report in the photo section, i've also made a movie of this location. At Nighttime (can only embed 1 video?) Link to the photo report:
  20. Row1

    Sanatorium Du Basil January 2014

    Hi, This is my first location report in this forum, but not my first urbex experience. I've been doing it for about 5 years now. But not always with my DSLR (Canon 500D) with me. Most of the time i use my GoPro to make video's. This one we first visited it at night, with my GoPro (movie wil be...

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