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  1. Landie_Man

    Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15

    Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15 So I was incredibly late to this one! The what was once gorgeous and lovely has been turned to crap by a bunch of people who quite frankly this world could do with out. Wastes of spaces and wastes of mine and yours money. There we go, I...
  2. Merryprankster

    Sandwell chance college - Birmingham - Dec 2014

    I wrote this up a few months back but thought i would share it on oblivion as well as its got a two of my favourite pics that i have taken since i have been taking photos of explores, first person to guess which two gets a jaffa cake. First things first, the place is BUGGERED, anything and...
  3. nickynackynoo

    Sandwell Revisted, West Midlands, June 2013

    Ok, met up with Judderman and ZerO81 to give them a quick orientation, Seeing as I was there, took a few snaps. This place is going downhill very quickly. Loads more bits smashed to hell in the space of a few weeks. Missed the A/V suites last time, so popped in to this block to find it has been...
  4. nickynackynoo

    Sandwell College, West Midlands, May 2013

    OK, I know this place has been done to death, but ever since it appeared I've always fancied a mooch round. Was done solo, after a recent arson attack and various thefts, it seems that demolition is on the cards, so off I toddled. History pinched as is custom; Evening classes in Science and...