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  1. BradUrbex

    France Florange Steelworks [Failed attempt] (April 2022)

    Florange Steelworks.... One of my dream spots! Florange Steelworks (HFX) Is known for the extreme security, we were told not to go there because of the heavy security lately, we tought, Fuck It!! and still went there anyway. A day before the madness, we scouted the area from the roof of Bureau...
  2. BritishRanger

    First Post - St Josephs College, Upholland

    I wont bore you with too much history, this place has been done before, and has been done better than my attempt. I just want to share some of my stuff, and hopefully get to know some people on the forum as I am pretty new to urbex. HISTORY: St Joseph's College, Upholland is a former Roman...
  3. Beef

    Severalls, a heads up.

    Hi guys, I haven't been on the forums much recently (been busy mostly with my new born, but some of it's laziness) but thought I would give you guys a heads up. We were at Sev's this morning for a silly o'clock start and after a 5-6 hour mooch about and on our way out we got busted by Michael...
  4. S


    Hi All, Was looking at a local venue to get into a old safeway warehouse. As i was looking for any gaps in fencing i noticed a few alarm systems dotted all around the various buildings Also a lot of cams . Went upto the front gatehouse for a look about to see if there was any security on...
  5. mookster

    Great Britain De La Rue Security Printers, High Wycombe (Oct 2011) 2013

    I remember this being one of the very first derelict sites I saw reported on aaaaages ago, and in actual fact I assumed it was long gone as there hadn't been any photos surfacing from it for a good few years until my mate popped up one day and said it was still there, so we hightailed it to High...