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  1. Mikeymutt

    RAF Coltishall officers mess..Norfolk Sept 2018

    So this is my last post from RAF Coltishall.. this was the officers mess which is situated just out off the main area. Its a standard H block design which is common in most RAF accommodation blocks.  the wings are used for an upstairs and downstairs accommodation. Similar to the sergeants mess...
  2. lucan

    Ding Ding Tickets Please - Sept 2018

    this was the last stop on our last wales day out,  i used to stop off here for bacon buttys and coffe many years ago while on the bike heading to wales ,  nice lady used to run the cafe and her husband even offerd me a job in the workshop restoring classic cars  from some previous reports ive...
  3. a World in Ruins

    North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Sept 2018

    First a little History [you all know it, but it's good to include anyway] ? The Dispensary – the first public hospital in North Staffordshire – opened in Etruria in April 1804 and was funded in part by the Wedgewood family. It gave sick patients the chance to see an Apothecary for diagnosis and...
  4. lucan

    scout camp, wales sept 2018

    wanted to see this one for a few years , nice ammount of natural decay has taken over the main hut has now collapsed , older pics from here show it still dtanding but i think last winters snow done it in  i know there are still more huts further down the site but the brambles prevented getting...
  5. lucan

    Great Britain milk factory , wales sept 2018

    not done a report in a while and have a nice backlog to catch up with . bit of an old explore this one ,its been arround for years but i wanted to see it anyway so off we went  the milk factory has been closed since the 1970s  , the milk was collected from the local farms and put in churns ...
  6. DirtyJigsaw

    Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital (Permission visit) Sept 2018

    Afternoon All,  Ive finally got around to putting up afew photos from my recent trip to New York, and on my second day there i visited the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital :) Heres some info/history, i wont post it all as on the Wiki page, there is alot of history, which you can see here if...
  7. Punk

    Butternut, Saint Henri, Montreal, Canada - Sept '17

    History   Butternut is a foulwater storage tank in the suburb of Saint Henri. It was built in the 1980's with the increasing population of the local area. Essentially this is two long box sections, divided by pillars every 7 feet and split into 3 sections by 2 trenches for the soup to flow...
  8. Punk

    Canada Maltings, Saint Henri, Montreal, Canada - Sept '17

    History     The Canada Malting complex was designed by David Jerome Spence, and was built in 1904. On the west side of the complex there are nine violet coloured silos. They are covered in treated clay tiles that were manufactured by the Barnett and Record Co. of Minneapolis. These silos...
  9. Punk

    Saint Bernadine de Sienne, Montreal, Canada - Sept '17

    History   It's been pretty hard to find history on this one, especially with all the information being in French Canadian. Located in the Villeray-Saint-Michael-Parc area of Montreal, Saint Bernadine de Sienne was a Catholic church built between 1955 and 1956. As well as providing religious...
  10. Landie_Man

    Aylesbury Former Police Station/CCTV Building/Free Parking – Sept 2014/Apr 2015

    Aylesbury Former Police Station/CCTV Building/Free Parking – Sept 2014/Apr 2015 Recorded History –This site used for information - In October 1935 the new Aylesbury Police Station and constabulary headquarters along...
  11. Perjury Saint

    Cambridge Miltary Hospital... Sept '14

    ...Cambridge Military Hospital... I'd been meaning to try for a revisit here for some time, so when I happened upon Spidermonkeys pics of the X-ray department that was it! Always an eventful explore this one, what with that bloody fence and the ever vigilant Ghurkas! Dragged non member Mooch...
  12. darbians

    ET Phone Home Sept 2014

    Built in the 1950's and consisting of nearly 50 small parabolas it was made to observe the changes in solar activity It seems to of been out of use for sometime but I think it is being maintained by enthusiasts and one large parabola is still in use. I made two visits over the weekend once at...
  13. scrappy

    College of Anatomy, Germany. visited sept 2014

    One of my favourites from mine and Katia's trip to Germany last year. There wasn't a lot left here and it had a lot of graffiti inside it but it was worth it for the morgue I think. We got in early because its was in quite a nice up market area and we would have stood out in the day haha. It had...
  14. darbians

    Carmel De La Reperation Sept 2014

    Built early in the 20th century as a monastery, in a quiet Belgian village. Around the 1950s it became a care home for the elderly and at some point it was extended into the home nextdoor. It had the capacity of around 50 residents. Now it lays dormant and nature is taking over. 1. 2...
  15. darbians

    Chateau Venetia Sept 2014

    Built late in the 18th century by a notable family of the city, this stunning mansion has been left abandoned for sometime. I believe its last use was as a hotel. Around 1930 it was split into seperate properties but was later on combined back to one building. It had been purchased around ten...
  16. darbians

    Holy Nurse Sept 2014

    Quite a plain looking building from the outside, this hospital built in the mid 19th century holds some hidden beauty. The main entrance takes you straight into a beautiful chapel. Considering the hospital has been abandoned for some years now it is in remarkable condition. 1. 2. 3...
  17. mookster

    Gary, Indiana Sept '14

    The last stop on me and my mate's epicly mad sleepless weekender was Gary in Indiana, and by the time we arrived in Gary just before lunchtime on Sunday I had been awake since 5am Friday morning. We would have had more time had I come very very close to losing my bag in Chicago Midway Airport...
  18. mookster

    The Military Hospital Sept '14

    'Hey do you fancy going somewhere completely different for a change?' was the question that was posed to me in August by one of my contacts as I was planning various parts of my America trip out. What eventually unfolded was our absolutely mental no-sleep weekender which involved three flights...
  19. mookster

    Carpet City Power Plant, NY Sept '14

    Ahhhhh that's more like it, back to the sneaky sneaky proper non permission visits ;) Late September brought around what was planned as an absolutely mental weekend of explores, which turned out to be a lot easier said than done as neither me nor my American contact factored in the 'awake for...
  20. mookster

    Lonaconing Silk Mill, MD Sept '14

    [CENTER]First off for avoidance of any doubt I will say this was a permission visit, as are all visits to Lonaconing Silk Mill. The cost of the visit contributes to the never-ending battle of trying to keep this amazing place in one piece, the roof is getting very bad in places and without...