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  1. mookster

    American Ice Factory Baltimore Sept '14

    This is a little mini-report more than anything ;) After I was done around DC I headed off northwards to Baltimore to meet up with a contact I'd made on an American forum for the night. I arrived that evening and instead of us sitting around twiddling our thumbs he suggested we go out for a...
  2. mookster

    A Tale of Two Houses, Sept '14

    Those of you awesome enough to have me on Facebook will know the reason I've been absent from the forum for the best part of two months is I've been gallivanting around a sizeable portion of America taking in all sorts of many and varied things, both tourist and of course urbex...well I returned...
  3. Perjury Saint

    Sanitorium de Foret... Sept '14

    I've been a bit absent of late! A MOUNTAIN of photos (x6 cos I duz HDRZZZ!) And getting to grips with Photoshop, at last, has kept me away from posting on this ere forum.... Best get something up then I spose.... :) ...Sanitorium de Foret... Thought it was about time I hit up...
  4. Lenston

    Aldershot Garrison Reservoir - Hampshire - Sept 14

    Visited with Extreme ironing, The Raw, MrDan and Dirtyjigsaw History South of an area known as 'Caesar’s Camp' on the A287 which was a major water catchment area for Aldershot Camp which had its own water supply from Aldershot Town There were (and still are) a number of uncovered...
  5. E

    Silverlands Manor - Chertsey, Surrey - Sept. 2014

    Visited with The_Raw, Lenston, MrDan and DuttyJigsew. Silverlands is a large country house in Chertsey, Surrey, I can't confirm the exact date of construction but it was in the years surrounding 1820, an estate has existed here under the name of 'Silverlond' since at least 1420 according to...
  6. T

    Great Britain Seminary J Sept 2014

    Visited with Makepondsnotwar and Venustas, nice 6.00am start at Macdonalds where I was given free coffee from the girl there (no idea why lol) What a fantastic location this is, for me it’s the best place in the UK I`ve done. Loads of history on DugieUK`s report the other week and I`m not one...
  7. C

    Lavant Culvert, Chichester, Sept 14

    I can't find much information on these tunnels unfortunately, except a suggestion that they were built in the 1800s. The river is a winterbourne, so it is dry through the summer months and available to explore. This was my first underground explore, also my first solo explore. Thoroughly...
  8. The Elusive

    Temple of Doom, (Visited sept 14)

    Stumbled upon the research for this place earlier this year with a few conflicting bits of research took a bit of head scratching, Finally decided to swing by on the way home the other week and i wasnt dissappointed, Rumoured to be 17th, 18th or 19th century or older ?! was either carved for...
  9. E

    Boerentoren - Antwerp - Sept. 2014

    While staying in Antwerp decided to give this a go since it was covered in scaff. Went up there late one night with The_Raw, Sentinel and Elliot. Boerentoren (farmers tower) AKA the KBC Tower is considered Europe's first skyscraper and was the tallest on the continent between 1932 and some point...
  10. E

    Agnus Dei - Sept. 2014

    Dropped by here with The_Raw, Sentinel, and 3 non-members. People call it Agnus Dei but I can't find any distinct reason for that tbh. Beyond the Chapel which lies on the roadside, there's also a small hospital complex at the rear which has been partially gutted by fire, really dodgy floors...
  11. C

    Cliffe Fort, Kent. Sept '14

    Built in the 1860s, Cliffe Fort was designed to protect the Thames from invasion. It was armed with 12.5-inch 38-ton and 11-inch 25-ton rifled muzzle-loading guns. Protection of these guns was provided by granite-faced casemates with shields for added defence. The shields, casemates and the...
  12. E

    Cambridge Military Hospital - Sept. 2014

    Had a good opportunity to visit this place after a long time of wanting to, managed to score a spot to sleep on Captain Trollface and Spider Monkey's hotel room floor so we could hit it good and early. :D Was stupidly thick fog that morning and would have made for some majorly haunting...
  13. darbians

    Chateau Lumiere (visited SEPT 2013) 2014

    The first stop on second stop on my first Euro tour. I was surprised we had the place to ourselves on a Saturday morning. Owners of a tobacco family suilt this stunning chateau and I believe the last resident was a well known philatelist. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9...
  14. darbians

    Heavy Metal (visited sept 2013) 2014

    This place is massive!! The images can not really convey how big this place is. Its a brilliant explore. However I never took many photos. I think there are more externals :o So much to see and even the power is still on. Its hard to resist not to push any buttons :devil2: 1 2. 3. 4...
  15. darbians

    A few snippets from FR and BE Sept 2013

    First Euro trip with Magpie Tommy. Just a few shots from the few shot wonders on the trip. Lumiere is one hell of a drive. Luckily I found a perfect stop off point in the middle of the night. As its part of a road as you will see we popped on our hi vis jackets and shot away. Grand Prix 1...
  16. darbians

    The Sewing House Sept 2013

    Out chasing sunsets and I spotted this which looks like a ruin from the outside. So I returned the next day to have a look and I was remarkably surprised at what I found. So here it is untouched and how it was. 1 I spotted the rays coming through the ceiling so I made a smoke and caned it to...
  17. darbians

    Wrecks n More Sept 2012

    After a failed attempt at gaining access to certain giant sheds. Even though standing next to them is quite insane. I popped along here. Quite well hidden away, was a graveyard of cars. Not sure if I got to see all of it or not, still an interesting little explore. 1 2 3 4 5 6...
  18. seaside_rambler

    Detatched Bastion, Dover - Sept 2013

    We popped in here over the summer for the first time, quite liked it here, nice and peaceful...until I heard someone outside with their lad, peeped out the access hole to see none other that our own Silverainbow Was a busy day, as a poor badger had found his way in, but sadly not his way out...
  19. Wherever I may Roam

    Bascule Bridge - Liverpool - Visited Sept 2010 - Nov 2013

    History of net.. A bascule bridge is a moveable bridge with a counterweight that continuously balances the span, or "leaf," throughout the entire upward swing in providing clearance for boat traffic. Bascule is a French term for seesaw and balance, and bascule bridges operate along the same...
  20. Wherever I may Roam

    Old bridewell (studios) Liverpool - Visited Sept 2010 - Nov 2013.

    In 1976 a small group of artists rented a derelict police station and established Bridewell Studios. Art Space Merseyside Ltd was formed in 1981 as a not-for-profit organisation, and with the demise of Merseyside County Council the artists secured a loan to buy the property. Built around 1846...