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  1. Wherever I may Roam

    Tabacco warehouses 1 & 2,Liverpool,Visited Sept 09.-2013

    history= Designed by Anthony George Lyster, the last of Liverpool's famous dock engineers, the 14-storey building covers 26 acres. There are 42 bays divided by seven loading bays. Its construction took 27 million bricks, 30,000 panes of glass and 8,000 tons of steel. It is said to be the...
  2. Wherever I may Roam

    High Park St Reservoir,Liverpool,visited Sept 2010.- 2013

    High Park Street Reservoir was built in 1845, just South of the City of Liverpool to provide clean water, improve health and sanitation for the rapidly increasing population of the City. It is a solidly built, rectangular structure enclosing approximately 2600 sq.m., with a tower at one...
  3. tank2020

    Grain Tower Battery - Sept 2011 - 2013

    An Oldie but a goodie. Be careful what you say to your kids, you may just have to live up to your word, I may have said; in passing "what an experience it would be to stay in the fort overnight, completely cut of from land". Low and behold we try it. Arrived on the beach in the...
  4. katia

    St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston, Sept 13

    So this is my first post folks... Hope you like :) St Joe's has always intrigued me for some reason, so I was made up to have the chance to see it. A LOT of the site has been trashed over the last few months but it's beauty still shines through. Visited with scrappy, we had the place to...
  5. Maniac

    The Hobbit House - Sept 2013

    I wasn't going to bother putting up a report anywhere on this, as we got caught by the farmer and he's pretty fed up with people going onto his land to photograph it, he actually asked us not to post the images on the net anywhere. To be fair I can understand as it must be quite exasperating for...
  6. lempreinte-photogaphie

    Church of Throne - France - Sept 2013

    Chruch of Throne... A really huge church with an imposing blue roof. Full Gallery available on and `

    Carehome W - Sept 2013

    Ok, so I wasn't going to bother with putting a report up from this place but recently, I had a couple of people asking if there was a report anywhere I had done. So here I am . . . I wasn't planning on doing any explores this month but after receiving a message from H1971 asking if I fancied...
  8. Paulpowers

    Crewe Poo - Sept 2013

    Originally I was following a culvert but it was raining when I went in and the water levels were rising so I decided to exit. I could smell the faint delicate smell of poo drifting down the culvert so I knew there was something ahead and decided to find a manhole further upstream I found the...
  9. nickynackynoo

    The Big & Small Aslyums, Wales,. Sept 2013

    A mate wanted to have a go at Exploring so I needed somewhere easy that I hadn't done before. Quick check on the interwebs and a drive over to Wales was on the cards. Couple of sites combined into one report. The estate of Pool Parc, has been around a long, long time and was originally one of...
  10. redsplore

    Jag Manor (Visited - August 2012) Sept 2013

    Visited this site alone at dusk for an initial reccy, and found it wide open so had a look around. I got spooked as a thunderstorm started and there was evidence of very fresh activity in the house, and as light was falling I though sod this, Im getting out.
  11. redsplore

    Lancashire Church (Visited - August 2013) Sept 2013

    Lancashire church that has been unused for a few years. There has been some signs of metal theft, but on the whole the interior was in pretty good condition.
  12. redsplore

    Pontins, Jersey (Visited - September 2012) - Sept 2013

    These pictures are from my first visit to this site in September 2012. The first holiday camp to be built at Plemont was the Jersey Jubilee Holiday camp, built in the early 1920s. The camp was used as a base for the forces, who damaged the camp to the extent that it was going to cost a fair...
  13. T

    Great Britain Not Certain College, Sept 2013 (Pic heavy)

    Loved this place, visited with ZeroUE and a non member (Mark) Again another explore that I thought would be a few hours turned into 6 or so. Went a bit crazy with the macro shots in the chapel so apols in advance finally we left the chapel to have a...
  14. Paulpowers

    Tunnel L33T H, Bakewell - Sept 2013

    My new torch arrived on Friday and I was itching to get out and test it Saturday was a no go because CBA set in. Sunday morning greeted me with no hangover so I decided to head over to Bakewell to visit the tunnel, I was thinking about Holme Bank Chirt mine but I wanted something bigger to...
  15. T

    Great Britain Ivy Hospital Sept 2013

    you know it or you dont :) this turned into a 7 hr explore with scattergun, starlightUE and Mr Dystopia lovely place with great company First of all we went up top Quick look in the attic above the main hall The Hall this reminds me of eggs !! Moving around the building...
  16. Paulpowers

    GlenBooth Reservour Overflow, Sept 2013

    Nothing worse than having to bodge together a way out because some filthy pikey cunt has nicked the ladders I had a job down the road then a job so decided to pop in to check the spillway out The end of my torch is the size of a teens fist
  17. BadBatz

    Sick as a Parrot - West Yorkshire - Sept 2013

    This one is thanks to Drinkinbud's mate who has a local pub and gave him the nod, he gave me a shout and off we went. This place has been a club, a munitions store a rollerskate rink, a cinema and a stable in it's 165 year history. It closed several years back, which seems odd to me seeing as...
  18. C

    Fort G, Hampshire Sept 13

    Gilkicker Fort. First explore of the day turned out to be a failure, but I had a back up! And what a beauty it is. I love this place. Can't wait for next time. Didn't spend long in here before alarms went off. Shame really, but I know better now. Fort Gilkicker was built between 1863 and 1869...
  19. Paulpowers

    Ouseburn Culvert/Shelter, Newcastle - Sept 2013

    Why eye mon, fog on the tyne pet Whenever I try a Geordie accent I sound like a South African with learning difficulties. So I was up in Newcastle and fancied a quick bit of underground so on went the wellies and under I went On the way over I found Geoff, my traveling companion for the trip...
  20. Paulpowers

    St. Saviours, Bacup - Sept 2013

    Not sure what to write here, it's a church. It's full of church things and is in quite good condition. I got naked and was going to get a pic of me lay on the coffin stand but someone tried the door before I got the pic, can you imagine getting caught in a Catholic church totally naked.