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  1. Paulpowers

    Bletchley Park, Derelict blocks - Sept 2013

    Oh I do love Bletchley Park Not many sites can claim to have changed the world and kick started the information age as we know it. The history of the place changed the world as we know it and it's work during WW2 and the cold war were invaluable. Currently there is work ongoing to help...
  2. Paulpowers

    Big Humpty & Medlock Culvert, Manchester -Sept 2013

    For the first time in a long while I was able to take my break in Manchester and as I was just on top of it I nipped down to Big Humpty and the Medlock Culvert. Big Humpty is a victorian brick culvert and to be honest that's pretty much all there is to it, the culvert section is relatively...

    REVISIT - St Georges Asylum - Sept 2013

    I previously visited this place around 3 weeks ago but being pushed for time we missed a lot of what St Georges had to offer. After talking to ZeroUE it was arranged that he came up north to grab some of what the NorthEast has to offer and this was the first on the list. So with the 4am alarm...
  4. Landie_Man

    Fujitsu SE09, Stevenage - Sept 2013

    Ive wanted to do this one for a long time, simply for the views on top. When I visited here with Northern_Ninja a while ago; it was totally sealed, no access whatsoever. We returned to find it completely destroyed inside. It had that horrible, derelict office block vibe about it, smashed...
  5. Paulpowers

    GKN Tunnels, Birmingham - Sept 2013

    This one has been on the list for a while but I've always overlooked it until this visit The site is big, really big and from above ground there is no sign of what lies below I only spent an hour underground so I'll be heading back soon for a revisit :D
  6. Space Invader

    Thamesteel Sheerness kent, Sept 2012

    explored with... wevsky ,obscuirty ,stealh2k12,fortknoxo,urbanginger and six riff raff a little history ... This is a large and interesting complex, located at the northern end of a tight triangular junction with the Sheerness-on-Sea branch. First proposed in 1969, the construction of...
  7. HitGirl

    HMS Royal Arthur Accommodation Blocks Sept 2012

    I don't know a lot of the history on this place,i know it closed down around 1993. Explored with 3 non members
  8. Nelly

    Great Britain Bull Manor - Sept 2012

    The manor house in this form was built in the mid 1800's and has been vacant since the last owner died in the late 1980's The house is a treasure trove and a photographers and explorers paradise, but sadly I can't see the interior of the building lasting very much longer. There have been major...
  9. Nelly

    Great Britain Morgue P - Sept 2012

    Built in the 1940's and closed in 2010 Splored with SK and Mr Bones & Lowri
  10. Space Invader

    St marys childrens home, Thanet place, kent sept 2011

    Found this place a ltttle disappointing to start with many of the rooms were plain white wash shells but then i found the staircase. Which made up for what the rest of the place lacked right on with the pics ... a little history... Thanet Place was a large mansion with gardens overlooking the...
  11. U

    Fort Burgoyne 28 Sept 2011

    Fort Burgoyne well where to start. Attempted this one a few months back with no luck just wandered around in the dark for a few hours trying to get down into the moat. Anyway we gave up and i decided it was time for another go. So with the assistance of my brother in law Andy( he has yet to be...
  12. H

    Scarborough night shots sept 2011

    well had a week in Scarborough and most of it was spent underground in several mines from jet to iron stone etc, by night well its below.....
  13. Space Invader

    St Margarets 5.5" Deep shelter , sept 2011

    visited with wevsky, troglodyte ,peach, silver rainbow, oliver gt and one flew east a little history... At St Margaret's Bay there is the underground deep shelter for St Margarets 5.5" Battery. This site was the first one to use the unrotated projectile known as the Z - Rocket which was a anti...
  14. Space Invader

    summerlands lodge, sept 2011

    visited with obscurity... a little history.. Built in 1906, as new premises for a preparatory school,called Doon House School. The school was closed in the early part of the Second World War and the property requisitioned by the military as an officer's mess for nearby Manston airfield. In...
  15. Space Invader

    Great Britain Hayes swimming pool, sept 2011

    Couldn't find a lot of history on this place apart from an episode of Mr bean was filmed here and it closed down last year. visited with wevsky, obscurity and Silver Rainbow on with the pics ... thanks for looking :beer:
  16. S

    MV Panagiotis (Zakynthos Shipwreck) Sept 2010

    Ok so not really urbex, more of a tourist attraction from my holiday. But it has quite an interesting story. Sorry the photo's arn't great, had to point and shoot as the only access is by boat. And thought it may be worthwhile sticking up. So heres the history and the "story" of its demise. A...