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  1. Wevsky

    St.Peters Morgue Chertsey September 2012

    Big shout to sk for the nod !! The mortuary was built in the 1940's as part of an institution called Botley park And during the war years it was used for dealing with it's casualties.... Visted with Obscurity,St0rm Stealth and UrbanGinger...good day out and worth the drive and m25 crawl on...
  2. Wevsky

    Thamesteel Sheerness - September 2012

    Quick bit of history and a linky if you want to know more The steelworks in Brielle Way, Sheerness, went into administration in January but in June it was sold to a company which is part of former owners, the Al-Tuwairqi Group (ATG). ... _mill.aspx This...
  3. silverainbow

    Great Britain Mr Beans Swimming Pool, Hayes, September 2011

    Heres my contribution toward the pool of doom, been so completely and mindlessly trashed, great shame :( Visited with Space Invader, Obscurity, Wevsky and Jade, History of sorts covered in previous threads so onto the Pics ; The only "Happy" thing left :eek: Nice little...
  4. silverainbow

    F H Manor, Maidstone Kent, September 2011

    Been holding off on this one while I attempted to seek out some much needed history, but regret to say I failed miserably so what little history there is has already been covered by Sx-Riffraff in his thread (, I did however discover...
  5. silverainbow

    Winchelsea Tunnels Dover, Kent, September 2011

    A brief explore from a month or so ago, visited with Space Invader, Obscurity and Wevsky, I have to admit that pics arent the best but its the taking part that counts :thumb Now for a brief bit of history borrowed from Sub Brit ;) These tunnels, in the former Winchelsea Quarry, were used...
  6. Space Invader

    F H Manor ,Kent September 2011

    visited with obscurity ,wevsky ,silverRainbow and mrs obs ... Not alot of history on this place so are get straight on with the pics... thanks for looking :beer:
  7. Wevsky

    Great Britain Hayes swimming pool(mr beans pool) september 2011

    A early morning drive and after a sizeable mcdonalds we headed up to hayes to check out rph's mr beans is indeed trashed broken glass city..This site was closed and a new one built..since then the kids have broken every window and indeed emptied pots of paint down the slope into the...
  8. Wevsky

    F H Manor ,Kent September 2011

    Right headed off down here after our little jaunt up to a swimming pool(report to no doubt follow) To be honest the history really is sparse other than i believe the raf used it during the war..i could be wrong Big thanks to sx-riffraff for a pointer in the right direction..nice one matey...