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  1. farmer.ned

    Great Britain visit to mass/brightbus north anston sheffield pt 2 the final years

    this second part nearly didnt happen as when i arrived i found the yard had changed hands and was all set to write it off as a waste of time and head home untill i spotted something in the far corner of the yard and sought permission to take some photographs which was given by way of intercom so...
  2. farmer.ned

    visit to mass/brightbus north anston sheffield pt 1

    mass/brightbus was the parent company of leon purchased in 2004 and stated in my leon post one of my other to do yards as this would be a very lengthy report and so as not to spoil the present report i have decided to split this in to 2 parts the mass/brightbus depot was located on houghton...
  3. little_boy_explores

    Bradfield Water Treatment Works, Sheffield - September 2017

    History The works was built in 1913 and extended in 1954, to purify water from the Strines, Dale Dike and Agden reservoirs. In 1930 it had the first telephone installed in Bradfield and served well with the Yorkshire Water Authority taking over in in 1974. The UK’s water industry became...
  4. degenerate

    Sheffield Crown Court - January 2018

    Sheffield Old Town Hall stands on Waingate in central Sheffield, England, opposite Castle Market. The building was commissioned to replace Sheffield's first town hall, which had opened in 1700 to a design by William Renny. This first structure stood by the parish church, on a site with little...
  5. little_boy_explores

    George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield - June 2017

    After visiting a different location in the city we got a tip off from others about a possible entry point so decided to take a look. Having assessed the building for security we made our way to the entry point. The building is situated in the Neepsend area of the city and forms part of Kelham...
  6. Britain's Decays

    Park Hill Flats Sheffield

    Not sure if this is in the right forum. Park Hill Estate is a gastly sight today although they are regenerating it. This made for quite a creepy explore. We have wrritten about the history of Park Hill Flats here.
  7. little_boy_explores

    Record Ridgeway, Sheffield - September 2017

    History The "Record" trademark was registered by the firm of C & J Hampton in the Trade Mark Journal in 1909. Charles and Joseph Hampton were Sheffield toolmakers and ironfounders located at Eagle Foundry in Livingston Road, Sheffield, who had originally started their business in 1898...
  8. little_boy_explores

    3 years of exploring the steel city of Sheffield

    following the decline of industries Sheffield offers plenty interns of urban exploring... from abandoned breweries, redundant steel works and leisure sites. It's difficult to experience all this in a single outing therefore I have compiled this into three years of exploring the city. Having...
  9. little_boy_explores

    Canon brewery, Sheffield - Sep 2017

    In 1847, Joseph Watts of Dewsbury and William Stones (1827 -1894) of Sheffield began brewing together at the Cannon Brewery in Sheffield's Shalesmoor district near Kelham Island. ... He renamed it the Cannon Brewery after his original premises. Stones soon became one of the richest men in...
  10. shacklerurbex

    Sheffield tram sheds, March 2017

    short vid of a back up splore few months back, nice artwork.
  11. WildBoyz

    Chapeltown Baths, Sheffield - March 2017

    History “Here in Sheffield we have a proud sporting heritage and it is important that we build upon that to create the right environment in which the sportsmen and women of the future can train, develop and thrive… But it isn’t just about the elite, it is about every man, woman and child in our...
  12. shacklerurbex

    Dyson Ceramics, Sheffield, January 2017

    I had a few days off last month so decided to go to Dyson. As you can see it was quite foggy which made the whole thing feel pretty creepy, solo explore as well. lotta fun. I will be doing a revisit at some point and hopefully with a drone The building, in Sheffield, closed its doors in 2006...
  13. hamtagger

    Middlewood Asylum Chapel, Wadsley - January 2016

    Middlewood/South Yorkshire Asylum Chapel    The Explore..   Visited with @Urbexbandoned after a mooch around George Barnsley's earlier in the day and into the afternoon. Not sure what the fuck was going on with my camera but it completely died in here after only about 10 photos despite...
  14. hamtagger

    George Barnsley Tools, Sheffield - January 2016

    George Barnsley Tools   The Explore    I think it was a Sunday in January with @Urbexbandoned and we decided to make the shortish drive to Sheffield to have a look at this place as it seemed to have died down on the forums for the few months previous. It's now May and i'm just catching up...
  15. Urbexbandoned

    George Barnsley & Son - Sheffield - January 2016

    The History    George Barnsley and Sons Ltd was founded in 1836 and specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in 1883. George Barnsley and Son is listed in the 1837 Sheffield directory as a file manufacture...
  16. Urbexbandoned

    South Yorkshire Asylum Chapel - Wadsley - February 2016

    History   A bit of a mish mash as I couldn't find much just on the Chapel but this is what I did find.    After its closure, the land of the former Hospital was purchased for residential development by Bloor Homes. It was sold off to various other developers such as Redrow, Barratt, Harron...
  17. Hydro

    Cathedral Church of St. Marie, Sheffield - Jan 16

    A cool night of climbing in Sheff with @-Raz- and a none member Butters   Taken from the roof of Park Hill Flats   Bit of History;   The Cathedral Church of St Marie is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Sheffield, England. It lies in a slightly hidden location, just off the main shopping...

    Quick Intro to myself

    Good Evening Everyone, Just a quick intro to myself, my name is Ben, and im the Photographer at B T Frewin Photography, hence my profile name, and i currently live in Rotherham. I am pretty much new to the whole urbex scene, but have a ton of experience with my camera and love a good explore...
  19. macc_explore

    Bradfield Water Works, Sheffield - May 2015

    The Visit I was told about this place by some pensioner explorers who loved the street art around Sheffield, set off the week after to have a look for ourselves. Set in a lovely little village, not much left inside now but some amazing street art in there! The History The water works was...
  20. WildBoyz

    Minitron, Sheffield - October 2015

    History Minitron is a short culvert that lies beneath Kelham Island. The entire island on which the brewery is now located is man-made, resulting from mill race in the 12th century (around 1180) when water from the River Don was required for power. The goit was created to carry water from the...