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  1. tdiggle

    USA Blue Bluff House - August 2019

    Hey everyone! It's been a little over a year since my last post but I'm back again! I have absolutely no idea about the history of this place, but it looks dingy, I'm glad I brought my respirator. I'm also editing the video footage I got and I don't want to blast this wonderful forum with my...
  2. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Small Convent Chapel, South East England - March 2019

    I have decided not to name this one; it sits in the middle of a large Brand New Housing Estate in a rather affluent part of the UK, not far from London.  The reason behind this is because it looks as if its either being converted or used for storage; and tbh I don't think it needs hundreds of...
  3. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Small underground explore

    Very small undeground explore 
  4. franconiangirl

    Germany Small Open-Air Pool - Dec. '17

    The small open-air swimming pool was built in the 1950s for kids until the age of 14 only. It has been abandoned for a couple of years now.
  5. MiaroDigital

    Germany Small pottery - [visit 05/2017

    A small pottery in east germany... 1. Kleine Tonfabrik 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Kleine Tonfabrik 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Kleine Tonfabrik 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Kleine Tonfabrik 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr
  6. Andy

    Small Chapel (visited 10/2017)

    Just a small chapel on the roadside. I don't know anything about the history.   Visited with @The_Raw.     1   2   3   4   5   6  
  7. franconiangirl

    Germany Small Chapel - Visited in December '16

    The small chapel is idyllically situated on the hillside. Standing at the foot of the hill, the building is almost invisble. Thanks to the season, the knowing eye is able to spot the chapel between the sparse vegetation. Following up the slope for few minutes, a small weather-beaten wall...
  8. franconiangirl

    Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    I don´t have much information about the small brewery which is located in the south of Germany. The current owner is a guy from England, who disappeared some years ago. Since then, the building has been left to decay. The story hit some headlines in the local newspapers.  Small, but I loved it...
  9. Controlled Chaos

    The KATANA House

    A small house with some furniture. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  10. Mockingbird

    A Small Mortuary - October 2015

    Hey folks! Have not posted in awhile so thought I would share a fair amount of places, I have visited over the past few months. This place I was keen to visit, I dont really like hospitals much but this small place caught my eye, mainly for those luxury tray pillows ;) I heard its now sealed...
  11. Vancolen Kevin

    Very small burned down factory (visit 2015)

    Small burned down factory , not much to see only 3 pics and when I got there I was very disappointed because of the stupid stupid stupid staging. I took my pics but not pleased at all ... Also very boring location :( Abandoned Factory by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Abandoned Factory by...
  12. Andy

    A small bunker (visited 05/2015)

    Visited with The_Raw, skeleton key, extreme_ironing and MiaroDigital in the last night of our UK-Tour. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  13. Fatpanda

    Nice little mill-Huddersfield Mar 15

    While in the area me and Raz took a quick look in this small mill that was full of little treats. access was easy although it is on a main road and unfortunately i don't quite recall the name of this one. ill keep it short as usual so here you go... Thanks guys :)
  14. -Raz-

    Small morgue up north - 2015

    After a snowy and sunny morning myself Fat Panda and Kalum headed up north and our first stop was a little morgue and the slab was clean enough to eat your dinner off! Not much left in here but it doesn't seem to have had the pikey's and chav's in yet! Was only a quick stop here and my pictures...
  15. sj9966

    A small Pumping Station in The Midlands, April 2014

    A quick Bank Holiday solo visit to this old Pumping Station. Commissioned in 1949, I’m not sure as to when it was decommissioned but it looks like it may have been a while. Its a very small place, basically there’s only two rooms to see but there’s some nice old control...
  16. nickynackynoo

    The Big & Small Aslyums, Wales,. Sept 2013

    A mate wanted to have a go at Exploring so I needed somewhere easy that I hadn't done before. Quick check on the interwebs and a drive over to Wales was on the cards. Couple of sites combined into one report. The estate of Pool Parc, has been around a long, long time and was originally one of...
  17. G

    A small hello

    Hi everyone, I'm totally new to all of this. Really want to start exploring but currently seems my friends don't (just yet). Id be grateful for any tips really and where to go - I'm in the Cambridgeshire area. Hopefully see you around. Grace
  18. Nelly

    Picady - A small house with a sad story - April 2011

    Just up the road from the picturesque Dobbs Weir is an overgrown plot of land that I have been driving past for months. Behind the brambles is a what looks like a very large collapsing shed, every time I turn my head at it and wonder if there is anything of interest in it. Had it been bigger...
  19. Maniac

    Great Britain A small bit of Ellington School for Girls, Ramsgate - July09

    Why a small bit of? Well basically this place is in the middle of a housing estate, we knew it was going to be risky and we weren't wrong. 15 minutes later and we were being brought out of the place by Kent finest law enforcement officers, there were precisely 6 of them and a police dog unit as...