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  1. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Small Convent Chapel, South East England - March 2019

    I have decided not to name this one; it sits in the middle of a large Brand New Housing Estate in a rather affluent part of the UK, not far from London.  The reason behind this is because it looks as if its either being converted or used for storage; and tbh I don't think it needs hundreds of...
  2. crabb

    South Marston hotel, swindon

    What's left of the south marston hotel, remains an empty, scorched shell. Not much to see on this one, and I am way to late but hey, it still provides an eerie vibe. And the photos came out pretty good too. Thanks, C
  3. bmxer7777

    USA Three Houses south of Atlanta

    Hey Everyone! Welcome to my very first Urbex..! My group and I went to these houses south of Atlanta that have been abandoned for a few years now. Unfortunately, they are going to be torn down soon, so anyone who may want to visit them, DM me ASAP! Anyway, The first house we went to was just...
  4. urbex13

    Great Britain Millmoor Football Ground - Rotherham, South Yorkshire - December 2017

    The History Largely from wiki: Millmoor was was the home ground of Rotherham County F.C. between 1907 and 1925 and then their successors Rotherham United F.C. until 2008. The team and ground were once owned by C.F. Booth, whose huge Clarence Metalworks and scrapyard overlooks the site. When...
  5. Hydro

    Firbeck Hall, Rotherham - Revisit - July 15

    Explored with Rott3nW00d & Raz; So the last report was killing me as there wasn't one single decent photo out of the lot... So we went for a revisit :thumb History; Firbeck Hall was formerly the home of 19th-century architect and writer Henry Gally Knight who is assumed to have been...
  6. weemanG4S

    Hello from South London

    Hey guys and girls, I’ve been a reader of this great forum of yours for some time now and thought i was high time I signed up.I first came across your forum when reading the updates on the Save Earls Court campaign twitter of the raw's pictures of the site where I and many others had the...
  7. Hydro

    Firbeck Hall, South Yorkshire - November 14

    Explore with Raz & a non member. I was considering code naming this Dodgey Floor Galore due to the fact that while exploring Raz ended up waist deep in the buildings foundations looking like he was wading through floorboards :thumb Some of the rooms in this old place look like they were...
  8. Merryprankster

    Royal hospital Haslar - June - 2015

    Evening all, hope everyones feeling funky fresh and all that jazz, took a little tour down south last weekend, chased a couple of new leads which unfortunately both turned up fails, the first was a an attempt on the lovely old 1930s fire station in my home town and the the second was an...
  9. Landie_Man

    Cwm Coke Cokeworks, Beddau, South Wales – March 2015

    Cwm Coke Cokeworks, Beddlau, South Wales – March 2015 Wow, this is one I have wanted to do for years and finally I got to see it. Me and Southside Assassin loaded up the car and headed off for a mixed weekend away in Wales. After taking a wrong turn and ending 20 miles too far from the...
  10. Fekneejit

    RAF/RNAS Dale (South West Wales, Milford Haven)

    Hi :) Has anyone ever been around here? I'm off to the area pretty soon & found this place on Google maps... Google Earth shows what appear to be quite a few intact(ish) barrack blocks & outbuildings, & the place was only...
  11. The_Raw

    Caesars Nightclub - Streatham, South London - November 2014

    The History Caesars started life as the first purpose built Ballroom in England opening in 1928 as 'The Locarno Ballroom'. It was one of the premiere London nightspots of the time, with Glenn Miller, Laurel & Hardy, Audrey Hepburn, and Charlie Chaplin among the top names to grace its stage...
  12. E

    Dinas Silica Mines, South Wales - August 2014

    Had a fantastic time exploring a few sections of these mines with Le Kwan, Lenston, Rawski and Crooner. Thanks so much guys for having us, really enjoyed it. No awards for the photography here unfortunately but some amazing colours down there and some of the industrial heritage remains there in...
  13. woody

    south foreland deep shelter 1 - may 2014

    Visited this one night back in may with a non-member, it's one of the better shelters in\around dover imo, I forgot that I had been there so that's why the report is a bit late! little bit of history can be found here...
  14. silverainbow

    South Foreland Deep Level Shelter 1, St. Margarets, Nr Dover, Kent, May 2014

    This was the one and only Deep Shelter at St Margaret's that I hadn't done, Mainly as in previous years I hadn't found it, I got a text from Space Invader saying he was at a loose end and did I fancy going and doing some thing local, I thought yeah why not so off we went and found ourselves...
  15. AlanMowbs82

    South Foreland 1 deep shelter - April 2014.

    This is the first of two deep shelters that were built at south foreland. This particular shelter was excavated in 1941 by 172 Tunnelling Coy and No.1 Section, 171 Tunnelling Coy. R.E. to provide accommodation and shelter to the gun crews at the Battery site. Really liked it down this one,been...
  16. The_Raw

    Orchard Sports Centre - Crystal Palace, South London - Feb 2014

    It doesn't get much more relaxed than wandering around this site, it's a walk-in with no security and is basically a playground for street artists. Apparently up until the end of last year the whole place was a tip until a street artist known as King Trev took on the task of clearing out the...
  17. A

    new member south wales

    hello all, new member saying hi from south wales. i am very new to urban exploration and fairly new to photography so may have a few daft questions and some ropey images john
  18. The_Raw

    Colliers Wood Tower - South London - February 2014

    Visited with juicerail, on arrival it was apparent that the storms had done us a favour by blowing the hoarding over so it didn't take us long to find a way inside. On the ground floor three panels of wood covering the lift shafts with black streaks running down them reminded me slightly of the...
  19. The_Raw

    Cherubim & Seraphim Church, South London - February 2014

    The Squatters I spotted this abandoned church a couple of weeks ago in South London and decided to pop back for a nose around this week. On seeing some bed sheets hanging out to dry around the back I realised there must be squatters living in there, then hey presto three squatters arrived home...
  20. jones-y-gog

    Red Phone Hall, South Yorkshire. October 2013

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So it's a normal mundane Tuesday afternoon at work and a text comes in from ZeroUE. Was I up for exploring a location that's been sealed up for ages and needs visiting ASAP before it's sealed up again? It...