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  1. Grindle

    Great Britain Empty units Prees Heath April 2019

    A mish mash of an industrial estate; a few empty units; big spiders old documents and lazy security
  2. teddybear

    Belgium Mine of the Dead Spiders - 2019

    A explore of an old slate mine. The mining started a few hundred years ago but is abandoned for several decades. This mine is not the safest and some parts are already collapsed. All the train rails are gone but you can see where they were. Only some bats live in these parts now. The white dots...
  3. Andy

    Maison des araignees - House of spiders (visited 03/2012)

    It was a lucky chance find on the way of a tour. Judging by documents abandoned since 2003 and much grown from the outside, so that the house has obviously entered no one for years. Inside a wealth of details and above all countless spiderwebs along with their cute builders - both in living...