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  1. woody

    lydden spout deep shelter - Jan 2014

    second visit for me down to Lydden as a couple missed out on it the last time, access route has become slightly more worrying, guess that was due to the rain! dont really like revisits but what we saw when we got out was breath taking :cool: history can be found here...
  2. Wevsky

    Lydden Spout dover april 2013

    This has been the one shelter i dover that's eluded me due to the entrance or rather the route down to it!three years ago i had a go and last year but my body would not allow me to go down the ever disappearing cliff path to it.. Fast forward 3 years and with a lot of encouragement from the...
  3. Maniac

    Lydden Spout Plotting Room & Deep Shelter, Dover - Mar 2013

    In another round of re-visits, we decided to pop our heads into the Lydden Spout plotting room and deep shelter as they are only a short distance from each other. Like all the others dotted along the clifftops at Dover, this was built as part of the gun battery that used to be on top of the...
  4. silverainbow

    Lydden Spout Deep Shelter, Dover Kent, 2012

    Been meaning to do this one for a while and have recently been doing a few "Re-Visits" of other things in the area with a newb explorer so here goes with a bit of history; Situated on the cliffs between Folkestone and Dover. Built during WW2, the Lydden Spout Deep Shelter was part of the site...
  5. silverainbow

    Lydden Spout Plotting room, Dover, July 2011

    Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 there are still many features of the site to be seen, I went with the intent of exploring the underground shelter but was unable to find it so second visit planned, I did however find the "Plotting Room" so took a look round inside there instead. It...
  6. Obscurity

    Great Britain Lydden Spout Battery nr. Dover, March 2010

    Lydden Spout Battery nr. Dover, March 2010 I had found this place a couple of years ago now but had never bothered returning to get better photos. This was my 6th visit to the shelter and along for the ride was Urban Junkie, Skydiver, Maniac, Shadow, Muffie and Frosty. 8-) This is still...
  7. S

    lydden spout 2009

    visited some time ago with oldie.. this place is a bit of a arse clencher gettint in but well worth it.. dont know a lot about it, all i know is that it is a deep shelter for the 6'' guns that were up top.