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  1. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany St. Urban Church April 2019

    Built in the early 20th century this church closed its doors in 2008. Although there was an open window and a ladder I decided to take the way through the tubular shaft beneath the church to enter the location.  It has been something I've been looking forward to since planning the trip...
  2. jakeurbexphotography

    St. Peter's Orphanage/School Gainford August 2018

    This place is not too far from where I live. i have heard all about it's history and decided to have a look inside and get some photos of the building itself. The place is an absolute death trap, ceiling's fallen through, water ingress all over etc. It started early life in 1900 as a roman...
  3. U

    St. Boniface, Chicago (6/23/17)

    This church had been on my bucket list for a while and I finally got access, granted it happened last year. I don't know a lot of the history of the church, other than the congregation was founded by German immigrats in the 1800s. The origional church burned in the Chicago fire and a new one was...
  4. coolboyslim

    Great Britain St. John the Baptist School, Wigan MAY 2015

    Ok time to get some stuff up outta my large back log lol. History seems a little weak on this but im sure you know it by now. Explore : Ok took 2 atempts due to gardeners round back being nosey lol. And also the original planned way was sealed. Overall was a decent mooch @stranton joined me on...
  5. skeleton key

    Great Britain St. George's hospital - Hornchurch -Essex -June - 2013

    Thankful there was enough remaining to grab some shots and at the same time have a good giggle Splored With Lara,Trog and peaches In the back area of the stage Lara found some costumes and the silliness began. Beds began to roll up and down the corridors . Better not to ask...
  6. Wevsky

    Great Britain St. Mary's Convent, Folkestone October 2012

    First visited this site a year ago with one flew east but after a 4am start really couldn't be arsed to shoot anything in here as it wasnt doing much for my creative juices..So a year on we where in the area and myself,Spaceinvader Obscurity and Storm Popped our heads in to see how much it had...
  7. skeleton key

    Great Britain ST. PETERS MORTUARY – CHERTSEY - 2012

    A quality days splorin & a big thumbs up to all we met on the road :thumb
  8. Wevsky

    St. Margarets 5.5" Battery Shelter (Z Rocket) July 2012

    Did this originally in 2010 and have visited many times,my first report all that time ago i had just got my dslr and tbh the pics where gash and due to it becoming not doable when i saw some pics pop up thought it would be rude not to go down and capture the place again! Visited with...
  9. H

    Great Britain St. Martin's Belfry 2011

    A few days ago I had the pleasure of talking to Mr Anthony Empson who works at St. Martin's Church, after a short discussion of what my friend and I did for a hobby we were permitted to come back to take a photo shoot within the Belfry in all its elegance dating back to the era of 1831-2 when...
  10. superwide

    St. Margarets. AKA Z Rockets 25/9/10

    I am pretty sure everyone has been to or knows this place so not going into all the details other than its a deep shelter. Very quick visit with snaphappi and his son.