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  1. Wevsky

    Criggion Transmitting Station, Welshpool, Wales - Sep 2010

    Nice little report nonsense right up i like it!
  2. PowerSurge

    Great Britain Undisclosed Railway Station Cellar 2009

    Well with nothing better to do one afternoon. I decided to investigate the cellar of this undisclosed station. Undisclosed why? Well I had to get permission to crack open the doors that lead to the cellar. The station in question is still very much operational I had a member of station staff...
  3. PowerSurge

    Great Britain Folkestone Harbour Station 22/04/09

    After seeing Superwide's previous post viewtopic.php?f=14&t=736&p=5918&hilit=Folkestone+Harbour#p5862 and talking to a couple of work mates who actually worked there and wanted to do a bit of a history of stations display at work. I decided to go and explore it for myself. So with...
  4. superwide

    Folkestone Harbour Station 22/02/09

    Myself and my friend D60 decided to go and have another look at Folkestone harbour, at least this time I had someone with a decent camera in tow. A little about the station: A branch line was built in 1844 leaving the main line at Folkestone Junction and was double tracked ending with a...
  5. E

    Great Britain St Twynnells ROTOR station - 3rd May 2008 - Partial Report

    Myself, Hood_mad and our dear old mum (yeah, really, she's 61) attempted to visit the St Twynells ROTOR station. St Twynnell's Rotor was one of a network of modern radar defenses conceived in the early 1950's as a response to the increased threat posed by soviet bomber forces. The Target...
  6. Maniac

    Great Britain Rochester Police Station - March 2008

    Location: Rochester Police Station Date Visited: March 2008 Present Status: Derelict and Decaying Future Plans: Not certain, but probably demolition and housing Rochester police statiion was origenally built sometime in the 50's judging by it's style, and is surprisingly small inside for a...
  7. SuZyQue

    Great Britain Richborough Power Station - April 2007 - Report

    This was on the way back from the garden centre, I persuaded my mate to stop by and after climbing through brambles, mud etc we were in, these are fantastic up close, enjoy the pics. This was taken from the car on the way there. Finally they came into view after a muddy and long walk. Up...

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