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stoke on trent

  1. KPUrban_

    Great Britain N-Staffs Royal Infirmary, Stoke, November 2019

    Intro It's a well known site and has been well and truly done to death until recently. With 8 Operating rooms sharing 17 Lights, A morgue, A&E, Numerous wards and a heavy mix of natural decay and grime it has always been a good one to explore. The Hospital As mentioned it has been done way too...
  2. UrbexBaby

    Dresden CE Primary School, Stoke-On-Trent (Visited July 14)- October 14

    HISTORY Couldn't really find a lot of information about this place to be honest so apologises for the short but sweet history. The School was built in 1853 and functioned as a mixed age school until 1865 when it separated into infant and juniors. Its closed in 2002 when the school was...