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  1. U

    Bulgaria Exploring Metro System in Bulgaria (Chased by workers)

    We sneak into the new metro line in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We walk in tunnels full with machines for about an hour. They work there 24/7, and we were spotted by the workers, and they start chase us. While the workers get down from the scaffold we escape easily. Visited November 2018.
  2. WildBoyz

    Crystal Palace Subway, London - April 2016

    History The Grade II Crystal Palace subway is a former Victorian relic that lies beneath the A212. The arched subway, which led from the High Level line and station into the centre transept of The Crystal Palace, opened two days before Christmas day, in 1865. Constructed out of plate-glass and...
  3. WildBoyz

    Hamilton Central Station, Hamilton (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History Hamilton Central is New Zealand’s first underground station, although it has been abandoned since 1995. The railway originally ran through the centre of Hamilton and was one of the busiest locomotive areas on the north island. Over the years traffic on the line increased significantly...
  4. E

    Crystal Palace High Level Subway - London - Aug. 2014

    Hi =] Been meaning to check this place out for awhile and finally got round to it last weekend! The subway is almost all that's left from Crystal Palace High Level Station, a terminus on a now destroyed line, which lead directly into the back of the Crystal Palace. Passenger numbers fell after...