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  1. Gigi

    Summerlands Nursing Home Jan 2012 and June 2011

    Quite a sad place really. It was a nursing home, lots of stuff left behind, even polaroids of elderly ladies with bruises on their hands, very odd! I suspect they had to report injuries or accidents e.t.c I remember climbing through a side window through 6 plastic wobbly milk crates and a TV...
  2. Gigi

    Summerlands Nursing Home

    I have been here two times now, the first it had many items and furniture left behind and was quite hard to climb in! The second time, we tried the usual way and it was shut, so found another awkward way to climb in, then realised the front door was open.. just on the latch. haha Visit 1...
  3. Space Invader

    summerlands lodge, sept 2011

    visited with obscurity... a little history.. Built in 1906, as new premises for a preparatory school,called Doon House School. The school was closed in the early part of the Second World War and the property requisitioned by the military as an officer's mess for nearby Manston airfield. In...
  4. R

    Summerlands Lodge Nursing Home - Westgate - Feb 2011

    This was my first visit to Summerlands. I didn't see all of it, It was just a quick walk around photographing things of interest. Summerlands Lodge is located in Westgate, near Margate. It was a BUPA care home which closed down in recent years (not sure exactly). Inside it is rotten and damp...
  5. Wevsky

    SummerLands Lodge Westgate On Sea december 2010

    Right this was not our plan for the evening!Dover was the actually place to visit for something much nicer!But as some of you may have noticed its been snowing road conditions arent good and it was minus 4 last after a driver round our local derelits and a few fails on entryas a last...

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