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  1. crabb

    Great Britain The Old Workmans Club, Swindon, UK. August 18

    An independent members only club, dedicated to the working man who required a certain place for private meetings and events. This place has a little bit of everything. Dark, creepy unlit rooms, and rooms where light was still flourishing through the gaps and crevices. It has had many aliases...
  2. crabb

    Water tower quick explore, swindon

    Built in 1871 but had been refurbished at some point.  Now, I don't do heights.. So I was chuffed to see my mate practically run towards it in excitement and go first. It was pretty high and the grated floor was not ideal if you wanted to avoid looking down.  The tower probably stands around...
  3. crabb

    Falcon House, Swindon, UK

    Falcon house. It's been in Swindon since the early days of this towns birth and has been sat empty and abandoned for 16 years.   It was said to be the very first headquarters for the well known company zurich, an insurance company, but was promptly moved to a more practical and efficient...
  4. crabb

    South Marston hotel, swindon

    What's left of the south marston hotel, remains an empty, scorched shell. Not much to see on this one, and I am way to late but hey, it still provides an eerie vibe. And the photos came out pretty good too. Thanks, C
  5. crabb

    Toys R Us, Swindon, UK

    After hearing about the permanent closure of this well known super store giant, we felt like a part of our childhood was gone forever. In the store we visited, we found the names of those loyal workers written on the wall with one of those people having  worked there for 20 years, but...
  6. crabb

    Oak house, Rejected dwp computer center, swindon wiltshire

    With a 2.5 meter high, fully reinforced security fence, cameras at every angle and motion sensors tucked away in strategical places, this building was designed to keep people out. A load of good that did, eh?  This building is shrouded in mystery, its former use was totally unknown and even...
  7. mookster

    Ash House/Oak House, Swindon Feb '14

    My original plans fell through today thanks in no small part to the weather but by chance someone else I know sent me a message asking if I wanted a little outing, so in an effort to salvage something from the day went on a little trip to Swindon. Ash House and Oak House were originally nurses...
  8. klempner69

    Clares Retail/Shed 24 GWR works Swindon (visited 2007) 2013

    This factory has seen many users- 24 shed debugging unit for GWR works - Plessey - Yorkshire Imperial Plastics,then Clares Retail,who specialised in making shop equipment like the early till scanners and Ciggy kiosks,not forgetting shopping trolleys..It closed for good early 2007 and was...