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  1. U

    Kenosha Theater, Wisconsin USA - Dec 17

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. I though I would share something really cool, this is the Kenosha Theater. I have a thing for old movie palaces and I could not pass this up especially since I live pretty close to it. It technically isn't abandoned since a man owns it, but he...
  2. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany Theater Jodwede - 10/2017

    This theatre is part of a therapeutic bath that closed at the end of 2016.  The bath will demolished soon and the building I present to you here will be totally renewed. #1 DSC09335-Bearbeitet by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC09328-Bearbeitet by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3...
  3. mookster

    Paramount Theater - March 2015

    I was originally going to post this in my 'mixed bag' thread coming up as I only got a few usable photos, but looking back on it it was such a memorable explore and so few people have done it I feel it deserves it's own place in the spotlight. The Paramount Theater in Newark, New Jersey was...
  4. MiaroDigital

    The theater (january2014)

    DAS-Theater01 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr DAS-Theater02 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr DAS-Theater03 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr DAS-Theater04 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr DAS-Theater05 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr DAS-Theater06 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr DAS-Theater07 von...
  5. T

    Belgium Theater Jeusette Belgium July 2013

    Day 2 of the Scottish Tour of BE After Stussy and Scattergun decided to climb a small bit of metal in 35 degree heat :shock: Lost and I decided on the far more dangerous Jeusette Theater After scalling a huge wobbly gate (must have been at least 3-4mm play in it), we ventured into the...
  6. Pezzarr

    Belgium Theater Jeusette - Belgium - March 2013

    Another building full of unique features from the sunny plains of Belgium! Alot of what you dont see, is either missing or trashed! the offices were torn apart, litter everywhere, but it had nice bits here and there..... anyway, here's some photos :)