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  1. jones-y-gog

    Burnley Empire Theatre - July 2015

    First things first - this place is a death-trap. Simple as that. And it's quite likely to be worse now than it was when I went. But as I have a bit of an obsession about redundant old cinemas and theatres I left all common sense at the entrance. The building still shows signs of its grand past...
  2. Lavino

    Kings hall theatre southall London November 2017

    A very early start for this one. And thanks for my invite from the other 2 lads I went with @GK-WAX and @albinojay arrived here in the pitch black early hours. Luckily we didn’t have any trouble finding our way inside. We’re we found ourselves a room to wait for it to come light enough to have a...
  3. AndyK!

    Grand Theatre, Doncaster

    Not quite the theatre @SpiderMonkey and I intended to visit, but after finding no way into another nearby cinema we thought we'd give the Grand a go. Having not seen anything from this place for quite some time we were pretty surprised to find a way in. Built on the site of a former Circus...
  4. AndyK!

    The Grand Theatre / Wonderlounge, Banbury - March 2016

    The Grand in Banbury opened in 1911 as a live theatre and in 1929 began screening films. It was the first cinema in Oxfordhsire to show a film with sound, and started with “Showboat”. The theatre closed in 1935 for reconstruction and modernisation. The Grand reopened in December 1935 ...
  5. AndyK!

    Theatre Royal, Hyde - March 2016

    Opening in 1902, the Theatre Royal in Hyde was a replacement for an older theatre nearby of the same name. The theatre was built by S. Robinson and Sons of Hyde to the design of Campbell and Horsley of Manchester and could seat 1400 people. Two balconies curve round to meet the proscenium, the...
  6. AndyK!

    Danilo / Cannon Cinema, Hinckley - Feb 2016

    Opening in 1936 the Danilo Cinema had seating for 1,250 people and was the most luxurious available at the time. The cinema opened with a single screen and small stage, and the seating was split between two levels – stalls at ground level and and a circle balcony. The cinema was decorated in an...
  7. Jamie_P

    Futurist Theatre -Scarborough, Oct 15.

    History; The Futurist was the 12th largest capacity theatre in the country being able to seat 2,155 people. It is a theatre and a cinema based in Scarborough, on the sea front of South Bay. Futurist closed in 2014 on the 6th of January due to the operator's lease expiring.  The theatre was...
  8. Merryprankster

    Carlton Theatre - Hull - Nov 2015

    yoyoyo! whats going down kids? feels like its been ages since i fired up a report, feels like ages since id done any exploring until this last weekend to be honest, was buzzing when the fellas invited me along for the ride up north, been a boring few weeks tending to certain needs, didn't take...
  9. The_Raw

    Carlton Theatre, Hull - November 2015

    The Carlton Picture Theatre was designed by the firm of Blackmore & Sykes and was built by Messrs. It was run by Hull Picture Playhouse Ltd and opened on 9th September 1928 with the silent film “Lonesome Ladies”. The cinema had two entrances, one in each of the two towers on the front...
  10. AndyK!

    Futurist Theatre, Scarborough - October 2015

    Built in 1921, the Futurist Theatre was a theatre and cinema in Scarborough, England. The large auditorium has a seating capacity of 2155 people – the twelfth largest in the UK. Originally opening as a cinema, the stage was extended in 1958 to allow live performances at the venue. The Beatles...
  11. Funlester

    Empire Theatre, Burnley - April 15

    We had a few failed places but then got in this place. Nice place but smelt a bit. History - Originally called the Empire Theatre of Varieties, this theatre opened in Burnley in 1894 with capacity to seat 1935 people. Funded by the Directors of the Victoria Opera House Limited. In 1995 the...
  12. Merryprankster

    Theatre Varia - Belgium - July 2015

    Evening kids, another one from a little belgium trip a couple months back, got to admit the photos i saw of this place made it look a lot better than it actually was if i honest, was a little bit underwhelming, the projector is super cool, (especially as it has a tiny bit of film in it!) and...
  13. WildBoyz

    The Futurist Theatre and Cinema, Scarborough - April 2015

    History The Futurist Cinema and Theatre, which can be found in Scarborough, was constructed and fully competed in 1921. Originally it functioned exclusively as a cinema, up until 1958 when its stage area was extended to provide live performances; Shirley Bassey, The Beatles and Ken Dodd were...
  14. Lavino

    Great Britain Empire theatre Burnley March 2015

    Visited this one with telf. Gronk and woopashoopaa was a nice little explore but be warned the floors here are like walking on memory foam matress. Managed to cover the whole theatre and up onto the roof. The a box of section at the back of the theatre that had benches that looked really old...
  15. Merryprankster

    Royalty cinema - Birmingham - april 2015

    Lovely art deco cinema tucked away in sunny south brum, this was the second time i tried this place, first time was a fail but its not too far from me so it was only a matter of time until it happened. pain in the bum of a place to light up, light comes tearing through the few windows that are...
  16. Ghostpast

    Theatre Jeusette, March 2015

    I still wanted to visit this place before demolition, so last week we drove here to found quite a thrashed theatre, but with some nice light inside. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9

    Blue Theatre Hospital, Germany - July 2014

    The abandoned blue theatre also know as the CCCP Hospital, is a sizeable derelict Russian hospital complex located somewhere in Germany. Despite there being a lot more to this place we focused on the largest building which housed the operating theatres. Based on some of the murals on the wall it...
  18. Andy

    Theatre de la moisissure (visited 07/2014)

    The first attempt to visit it two years ago failed. This summer again eight hours of driving and arrival in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. But it was worth it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  19. glowtape

    Theatre Jeusette -- October 2014

    Well-known location, however rather run down compared to older photo sets I remember. We didn't spend much time there, which annoys me even more, because as seen in the other thread, there's a glorious entrance that was missed. Anyway, here's the haul... Theatre Jeusette by cerealbawx, on...
  20. SpiderMonkey

    Theatre Jeusette, Oct 2014

    Greetings OS, me again. Just got back from an ace tour with AndyK, Kriegaffe and a non-member. We also met up with Vals Darkroom for the weekend (Nice to meet you :) ) We visited some sweet locations and although this one has been a bit trashed it's still a nice place with a fair bit to offer...